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    Rental cars for western travel

    Hi all - hoping to tap the wisdom of those who travel west to ski. We are headed to Mount Bachelor in a few weeks and trying to find a rental vehicle for the 4 of us (plus a possible 5th). No sites I've looked at indicate whether vehicles are 4 wheel/all wheel or if ski racks are available...
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    Smugglers - never been - Lodging?

    We are looking to do Smugglers and Bolton Valley for the first time to both, the first weekend in March - looking for suggestions on where to stay. Inexpensive, clean - family of 5 (3 "kids" older now - 16, 21, 24 - so harder to squeeze into one hotel room). Any lodging suggestions? And once...
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    Downhill MTB protective gear advice

    You guys have been great with ski trip advice in the past, hoping I can get some downhill mtb advice as well. Looking to buy protective gear for 16 yo son who is now into downhill mountain biking at Mt Snow. He's looking for chest & back protection that comes with side protection as well...
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    Sugarbush conditions?

    Saw that several people were headed to Sugarbush over this past weekend, but haven't seen any trip reports. Anyone know how the conditions were/are? Thanks!
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    Heavenly - start of season?

    Need some help. Have an opportunity at a great priced townhouse the week of 12/7-12/14/13 right near Heavenly. When does the ski season start out west? I know it is weather dependent, as it is here in the east, but would it be reasonably a safe bet to have decent conditions that week? Need to...
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    In search of lodging - Stowe/Jay/Sugarbush

    Tried the search feature here cuz I'm sure it has been discussed but not finding what I'm looking for. We've got tickets for Jay, Stowe and Sugarbush and want to go soon (mid Feb-mid Mar). Have never been to Stowe or Jay. Usually stay at Best Western in Mendon when hitting Sugarbush. Would...
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    Anyone familiar with Rockport MA restaurants?

    Looking for an affordable restaurant in the Rockport MA area. Will be up there in a couple of weeks and hoping to take a couple of family members out for dinner as a "thank you" for some favors they've done me recently. Had a recommendation for, what looks like, a really nice place...but it...
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    Sugarbush questions

    Is anyone familiar with the terrain park on Lincoln Peak? Heading there Friday with a child that does not want to go - hoping to ply him with the terrain park. Or find him a non-sking family member to hang with for a few days. Also, is Good Friday considered a holiday for opening hours? Or...
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    Mount Snow 12/12-12/13/09

    Date(s) Skied: 12/12/09, 12/13/09 Resort or Ski Area: Mount Snow Conditions: Packed powder - a bit crunchy in the ungroomed sections Trip Report: Sorry no pics. Had camera with me Saturday, but no one took the battery from the charger still back at the condo. Sunday, kids took the...
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    Sugarbush 4/5/09

    Date(s) Skied: Sunday 4/5/09 Resort or Ski Area: Sugarbush Conditions: Fresh snow, spring conditions Trip Report: With rain overnight in Mendon, we weren't sure what to expect. But we had tickets and were headed to the mountain anyway. Arrived about 9:30, temps in the mid 30's...
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    Bromley 3-15-09

    Date(s) Skied: Sunday 3/15/09 Resort or Ski Area: Bromley Conditions: awesome! Trip Report: Haven't been there in a long time but remember having a great time and wanting to go back. Sunday delivered for us. Except for a t-bar injury (straight to the mouth of my 8 year old) all was...
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    Magic - 2-1-09

    Date(s) Skied: Sunday 2/1/09 Resort or Ski Area: Magic Conditions: Powder/packed powder, slightly overcast, temps around 30 Trip Report: First time back to Magic in about 20 years and a welcomed change from Mount Snow. What a great day! And I have to thank all of you for it - trip...
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    Why can't I go back and edit a post when I realize its got typos? I get a message saying I don't have the authorization to do so and that I should refresh the page and login. But I am logged in and its my post (edit button shows). What am I doing wrong? (besides not previewing my posts before...
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    Property rentals - services used?

    Do anyone use the services of Home Away or Cyber Rentals to rent out your places? Find them effective? Use something else? Thinking I might take the dive...just not sure how to get it out there.
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    Bumps at Snow?

    Anyone ski Mount Snow today? Any bumps to be had on North Face or is everything groomed? Thinking of heading there in the morning but want to know ahead if its worth it. Thanks!
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    Internet service - Mount Snow area

    I know Mount Snow has wi-fi and a couple of the businesses in the area do. Any one know who the provider is? We've recently purchased in the area and I can't seem to find internet service info - other than Verizon will be coming "soon".