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    Heat Wave...

    Right now it's 58 degrees here in Boston and overcast. Hard to believe that NOAA is predicting 92 tomorrow, 95 on Sunday, and 99 degrees on Monday, with a dip into the high 80's on Tuesday. (That's still not going to get me out buying A/C units, nor will I ever consider installing central air.)...
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    Today as I was mowing the lawn out front, between the street and sidewalk, I hit a relatively small metal stub randomly placed in the middle of the grass. I learned later that it was the base of the former stop sign in front of the house which was replaced with a new one sometime last week. The...
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    The Revival of Prospect Hill?!

    A contractor proposes to cover the "main slope" at the old Prospect Hill Ski Area in Waltham, Mass (former rope tow from the early 90's) with a synthetic snow surface during the spring, summer and fall for the price of $6 million. The Article in Globe West.
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    Loon 12/21/06-12/23/06

    Date(s) Skied: 12/21/06-12/23/06 Resort or Ski Area: Loon Mountain, NH Conditions: Variable Trip Report: Thursday 12/21 I finally got up to Loon Wednesday night, having the week off from school. The first day of the season was delayed many times, originally thanksgiving weekend, but the...
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    Best Ski Area by Category

    For each category, choose the area which you think fits best. 1. Expert Terrain 2. Intermediate Terrain 3. Begginer Terrain 4. Family 5. Off Map 6. Snow 7. Groomers 8. Glades 9. Bumps 10. Location 11. Service 12. Best all around If anyone can think of more categories, share them. (I ran a...