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  1. bobbutts

    Lost envelope at Stowe

    I used to get cash in Salem 5 envelopes from my (long deceased now) grandparents for presents back in the 80's. Surprise memory trigger there.
  2. bobbutts

    Peak Resorts: The New ASC?

    BG's grumbling only makes me like Otten that much more. I was an ASC fanboy in HS and College
  3. bobbutts

    Tenney? Hello? Is this thing on?

    I like having Tenney available because it's so unpopular it's like a private ski area. Anyone who re-opens it better be in it for the love and have deep pockets. I'd predict it won't re-open, and on the outside chance it does, it closes again within 5 years.
  4. bobbutts

    21 and Older Pubs at Ski Areas During the Day?

    I drink plenty at other times, but I just don't find it appealing during my ski day. On a rare occasion I'll have one beer if it's an extended lunch break and lazy ski day with others, but I can take it or leave it for sure even then. Most days I'm out there getting dehydrated and...
  5. bobbutts

    21 and Older Pubs at Ski Areas During the Day?

    You guys would enjoy La Quinta in Springfield MA. They let babies in the bar at midnight.
  6. bobbutts

    I am pro snow

    Trying to influence the casual non-scientific type about climate change has been scummy in general whether it's coming from Al Gore or the Koch Bros or BG. They are arguing politics in a scientific debate.
  7. bobbutts

    $200 to cut the line at K...

    The best skiing on powder days is often found at places that aren't household names. Having umpteen high speed quads and a rabid following isn't a great formula for endless powder turns. The line cutting pass (despite them claiming it's not that) would piss me off when I'm waiting extra time...
  8. bobbutts

    Crotched is Blowing Snow!

    Pretty good. The only thing that Wawa wins at is starter jackets and jeans per acre.
  9. bobbutts

    Gunstock Fail....

    It makes me nuts that they don't have lights to the summit. Who wants to ride slow lifts in the cold and dark all night? Crotched gets my business instead. I would like to try those zip lines, looks cool.
  10. bobbutts

    I need a new ski jacket. What do you have/like? Are puffy jackets still in vogue?

    Style and fit and stuff like how many vents and pockets and where they are is probably most important for this type of jacket, all highly personal. I like going to a place like Killington road where there are plenty of shops to comparison shop and try different brands.
  11. bobbutts

    $100 for a whole Mountain day pass?

    Or you can get 3 full weekdays walk up rack rate at Whaleback for $28x3=$84 or two weekend days at $45x2=$90 You could go 5 Mondays or Tuesdays at Dartmouth Skiway @ $20/day There are other less expensive areas out there that are offering great skiing.
  12. bobbutts

    Social Media and backcountry?

    Safety is not really a priority for most people, especially under 30. Nobody put blame on trophy for every kid culture yet. I'd say having generation where the losers think they're just as good as the winners contributes to people ending up in situations they're unprepared for.
  13. bobbutts

    Cannon"s 8 "new" trails

    nearly illegible scan that Puck it posted in another thread
  14. bobbutts

    Vermont Ski-in / Ski-Out Suggestions?

    http://skionskioff.com/killington-rental-properties some pretty good choices there, prices are probably as bad or worse than okemo though
  15. bobbutts

    Loon Next Wknd

    :sad: so what's the next closest place to me (Concord NH) that's open tomorrow?
  16. bobbutts

    Ragged Mountain installing at HSQ to replace Spear this summer

    Ouch, if there is any lift that should be sent to the scrap heap it's that one. I won't be surprised if you guys are right about the real estate and vertical bump rather than serious pod.
  17. bobbutts

    Ragged Mountain installing at HSQ to replace Spear this summer

    It's a mile long, so it will either be detachable or painfully slow. If it's a detachable, I'd be surprised if there wasn't relatively major terrain also. My vote is with this is an actual terrain expansion over there, not just a real estate project with supporting lift.
  18. bobbutts

    Ragged Mountain installing at HSQ to replace Spear this summer

    They stand to gain just under 250' of vertical drop if you believe my placement and google earth's elevations. Looks like a consistent easy pitch for a mile with 850 vert, I think it would be a beginner/intermediate favorite. My interpretation of their proposed lift: It should compare...