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  1. Newpylong

    Killington Trail Expansion

    Do they cut their losses and bag Bear and/or Stage I this year? Open Bear but only the Skye Peak side? Open every mountain but only core trails? None of the above and blow their snowmaking budget out the window if weather cooperates? Discuss.
  2. Newpylong

    Ragged 3/21/2015

    First time I've been to Ragged in years, which is sad considering I only live 40 minutes away. Long story short I grabbed a $19 ticket from Liftopia and went for the afternoon. Couldn't ask for a better day, 40 degrees and sunny. I might have some questions for the regulars at th end. In Summary...
  3. Newpylong

    Whaleback $20 Ticket

    I have a coupon for a $20 3-7PM ticket tomorrow if anyone is interested I can forward it to you. I know most people aren't around here but figured I would ask anyway.
  4. Newpylong

    Whaleback 2-1-2015

    Things looking better at the Whale. A lot opened up with the last storm - with only Jonah's, Jawbone, and Face still closed for major runs. Fluke and Blowhole are skiing awesome on natural snow. Snowmaking is ongoing on Scrimshaw as they finished Middle Spout today and it opened up. Face is...
  5. Newpylong

    Whaleback Closing Weekend 3/15-3/16

    Until next year - YOOYM woods. This picture does not do the pitch justice. Great year and good to be open again.
  6. Newpylong

    Whaleback Sat 1/4/2013

    Great to have the mountain back open. For anyone who has never skied Whaleback, there is much more than what you can see from the road. It is small, but skies and feels very much like a Magic Mountain. Great atmosphere, trees, steeps, etc. New management is making effort to make more snow...
  7. Newpylong

    Live Snowmaking Porn

    http://www.killington.com/winter/multimedia/webcam manmaking snowmaking clouds... never gets old.
  8. Newpylong

    Ascutney - Crotched HSQ

    Any word on things happening here? I saw the sale was finalized in February. I would think they are going to need the entire construction season to remove what's at Crotched, disassemble the lift at Ascutney, move and install it at Crotched. Clear summit trails, install lights and snowmaking.
  9. Newpylong

    Mount Snow 6 Pack - Helicopter

    they have begun to fly in concrete, if anybody wants to see: video: http://mountsnow.com/bubble-blog-chopper/ and live: http://mountsnow.com/live-cams/
  10. Newpylong

    Learn to Snowboard

    Pretty much "mastered" (if you want to call it that) skiing at this point and interested in learning to snowboard to mix it up. I am not interested in renting because I like to have my own gear. Would a smart thing to do be to wait until the off season / end of year and buy some cheaper freeride...
  11. Newpylong

    Seeded Bumps

    On Upper Overbrook to Rollercoaster top to bottom at Mount Snow. That is all.
  12. Newpylong

    Sunday River - First Top to Bottom?

    Opened Sunday Punch to the base this weekend....
  13. Newpylong

    Mount Snow 1/16 - Saturday

    Great weather and snow to be had. I took runs down Ripcord, Freefall, Chute, Fallen Timbers, Olympic (+Trials). One more time, Overbrook, Rollercoaster, Upper to Lower Ledge/Choke, Drifter, Cascade, South Bowl, Big and Little Dipper, Ego Alley, Iron Run, Ridge, Shootout, and a few more. Great day!
  14. Newpylong

    Mount Snow 2009/2010

    According to the Mount Snow passholders site, Mount Snow will be removing the age old, "upper, lower" trail designations for this season. Very interesting...
  15. Newpylong

    Mount Snow 1/18

    A surprise 4 inches at the bottom and 8 at the top made for quite the day at Sneaux. Got a front row parking spot at Sundance Lot even at 9 am. Temps were in the 20's all day. Weather changed from snow to partly sunny as the day continued. First run was down South Bowl, with knee deep freshies...
  16. Newpylong

    Crotched Mountain 11/22

    Date(s) Skied: Saturday, 11/22/08 Resort or Ski Area: Crotched, NH Conditions: Packed Powder, Sunny and Windy, 25 degrees Trip Report: This was a first trip to Crotched for me. These guys really know how to lay the snow down. The reports certainly were no lie. Satellite Summit, Moon Walk...
  17. Newpylong

    Mount Snow - bring a friend Friday's

    "Friends don’t let friends ski and ride alone. That's why we're happy to announce Bring-A-Friend Fridays. You, the wise passholder, may bring a friend to Mount Snow on any non-holiday Friday this season and score your lucky pal a discounted lift ticket. It doesn’t matter which type of pass you...
  18. Newpylong

    A new ski for me?

    I am in the market for new skis this season. I currently ski a 178 Volkl Pro 724. I am 5'10" and weigh about 200 lbs. The ski is too long for me, but otherwise I think this is the type of ski I am looking for. I want to be able to ski bumps, carve, and ski crud. So I guess I am looking for an...
  19. Newpylong

    Mount Snow Saturday 11/10

    Date(s) Skied: Saturday 11/10 Resort or Ski Area: Mount Snow, VT Conditions: Packed Powder, Sun Trip Report: Mount Snow Blog W/Photos For anyone on the fence about shelling out the money for gas and ticket at Mount Snow, I suggest checking it out if you're jonesing for turns! I...
  20. Newpylong

    New Boot recommendations...

    Somehow I got talked into buying a brand new pair of Technica Race Pro Diablo 130's a couple of years ago. I have always been a racer, so I wanted something that would perform. Unfortunately, these are the most uncomfortable things you could ever imagine. I ended up going back to my old boots...