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  1. eatskisleep

    Good boot fitter?

    Have a family member that bought new ski boots last season and is having a lot of problems with pressure points etc. I know some boot fitters can work magic, reheat boots to moguls the liners etc. willing to pay $$ to bring the boots someplace and work with someone for a proper fit. Can anyone...
  2. eatskisleep

    Mogul Skis

    Always enjoyed skiing bumps. Getting more "into it" recently. Started thinking of picking up a dedicated bump ski. I'm 5'-8" and about 165-175lbs, I consider myself a pretty aggressive skier. I currently ski on a pair of G3 Saints at 176cm for my non-powder and non-tele days. What size bump...
  3. eatskisleep

    Where to rent tele skis & boots

    Hey guys, Emailed Wildcat the other day since I've rented tele gear there before to see if they still rent... Unfortunately, with the new owners, they do not. What ski areas in NE still rent tele gear? thanks in advance, Eatskisleep
  4. eatskisleep

    The Calm Before the Storm, Cannon Mountain, 2/29/2012

    Date Skied: February 29th, 2012 Resort or Ski Area: Cannon Mountain Ski Area Conditions: Packed Powder Trip Report: Great day of skiing. Finals week at School and I had time off from submitting reports and waiting for feedback on a capstone project. Time to go skiing! Groomers were great...
  5. eatskisleep

    Black Mountain NH 2/18/2012

    Date Skied: 2/18/12 Resort or Ski Area: Black Mountain Conditions: Packed Powder, Trip Report: Great day of skiing at Black. For the start of what is vacation week for a lot of people the crowds weren't bad at all! No longer than a 1 minute wait for the double or triple all day. There was...
  6. eatskisleep

    Bushwhack Adventure Land 1/21/2012

    (also posted this on T4T) Viburnum alnifolium aka Hobblebush aka Scrub brush aka pucker brush... at least that's what I decided to call the stuff. Correct me if I am wrong, I am curious to the actual name of this stuff and that is what I found online. Another thing some people call that brush...
  7. eatskisleep

    Ladder Bridges

    Good movie: http://www.outsidetelevision.com/shows/indie-films/ladder-bridges Watch it all.
  8. eatskisleep

    Mad River Glen 12/17/2010

    Date(s) Skied: December 17th, 2010 Resort or Ski Area: Mad River Glen Conditions: Boilerplate, Ice, Hardpack, Grass, Rocks, Nothing to ski here Trip Report: I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. We got there early, and the parking lot was full! Looking over to MRG you could tell...
  9. eatskisleep

    Sunday River - 11/26/2010

    Date(s) Skied: 11/26/2010 Resort or Ski Area: Sunday River Conditions: Packed Powder Mini Trip Report: Best Thanksgiving skiing yet. 18 trails were open, also 4 lifts. Snowmaking going on everywhere, although most guns were off by lunch time. Conditions would have been great even for January...
  10. eatskisleep

    Tuckerman Ravine - 5/22/2010

    Despite skiing up on the Washington three times before (10k Vert Day!, Great Gulf- May 22nd, 2009, Hillman's Highway- May 3rd, 2008) this was my first time in the bowl itself. Pics don't do the place justice. Anyways, buddy couldn't drive his Dad's car up and I recently sold my truck, so we...
  11. eatskisleep

    Mount Washington 4/3/2010

    Date(s) Skied: April 3rd, 2010 (Doug Coombs Day) Resort or Ski Area: Mount Washington Conditions: Warm Trip Report: Started skinning up the cog just after 6AM, got to the Great Gulf at around 8AM. I skied one run in the area, Austin did three runs. Went to the summit. Skied Upper Ammo to...
  12. eatskisleep

    Funny Signs

  13. eatskisleep

    Wildcat 2/27/10 and Black Mountain, NH 2/28/10

    Wildcat: Quick TR... Something was wrong with the quad so it was running slow all day (but hey it beats hiking so I can't complain!). Woods were bottomless. Last run took liftline top to bottom, epic. Liftlines were longest I have ever seen them at Wildcat; but still 10-15 minute wait max...
  14. eatskisleep

    Hurry Up and Wait

    Hurry Up and Wait An Attitash Downhill Biking Movie Mad Dog Moments ©2009 Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvRzeWpfbS4&feature=sdig&et=1251533398.77 Download it here: http://www.eengoedidee.nl/parsefiles/?type=mountainbike&filename=hurry_up_and_wait_eengodidee.wmv Comments...
  15. eatskisleep

    Attitash pictures

    Here they are: Jack ripping up the rocks on Jett: Alex ripping through Whoops: Me (was the picture of the day on www.attitash.com) hitting the drip-drop on Automatic Drip: Comments wanted/appreciated. Thanks for viewing.
  16. eatskisleep

    Vietnam - June 8th, 2009

    Had the day off of work, so I went to Vietnam with my buddy Eric on Monday. We ended up exploring another side of this place that we had never been to before. For those who are wondering: Here is a GPS map of the area http://www.bvnemba.org/images/vietnam_map_1173_x_2244.jpg also here is a link...
  17. eatskisleep

    Dirtbike TR

    Had work off today so I called my buddy Paul to see if he wanted to go riding. Turns out he didn't have work today either. So we went for a quick ride. Photos are nothing special but hopefully you guys will enjoy them. Let me know what you think. I'm on the KTM and my friend is on the Honda...
  18. eatskisleep

    Great Gulf - 5/22/2009

    Cross post form T4T; but I figure some of you may like some Spring Skiing Stoke. Headed up to do some skiing with Austin, drove up the night before and stayed at my place up there so we wouldn't actually have to get up at 4am to go skiing (and then drive 4 hours on top of that). After getting a...
  19. eatskisleep

    Wildcat 4/18/09

    Date(s) Skied: April 18th, 2009 Resort or Ski Area: Wildcat Mountain Ski Area Conditions: Spring Conditions, variable, ice, corn, slush Trip Report: Overall a very good day of skiing. It was flurrying at the top in the morning. Followed by some rain on the lower slopes. Lower stuff was...
  20. eatskisleep

    Ironhorse is out

    Found this somewhere else, read any bike forum and lots of people are talking about it; latest "hype" of the past two weeks. Verdict is that you will still be able to get bearings, but good luck if your frame cracks.