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    Cannon Lover's Thread

    I'm really looking forward to skiing Cannon tomorrow. Tickets bought, skis in the car, masks in the jacket. I just hope that Boston's morning traffic isn't too bad.
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    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Anybody skied Cannon today (1/18)? Their website said that they sold out. I'm really curious how busy does it get over there under sold out conditions.
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    Non-Epic season pass suggestions for next season

    Shhh, keep it quiet :) Let Cannon keep its foreboding, mount of ice and doom reputation... On the serious side, I'm always torn between keeping Cannon a "secret" and heralding it as one of the best mountains in NH.
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    All mountain ski for intermediate

    @Smitty244 : I really like carving high speed turns and ski mostly in the east so I have a bias towards narrower waist skis that have a moderate stiffness to them. I've been skiing on Rossi S 80 (80mm waist) for past few years and it has been a blast. Good for everything I'm likely to encounter...
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    What kind of XC/BC ski gear should I get?

    Couple of thoughts about XC skiing in Blue Hills - in a word, don't bother. Unless you're one of the first ones to get the goods after a good snowfall, just about all the trails will get stomped upon by bare boots in no time. So, lots of holes which of course ruins the xc experience. The Blue...
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    Month long trip to Colorado......

    Awesome trip - thanks for sharing the stoke!! Loved the pictures. Telluride has been on my list for the longest time. Somehow I have to find a way of getting that one in. I've been there in the summer/early fall for hiking. The town had a similar vibe to Crested Butte.
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    2020-21 Sunday River

    "Come and get some!!" Easy for you to say. I'd love to if the state of Maine would let me. Those pesky COVID travel restrictions will keep the crowds down. If you lucky to live in ME or NH you'll be getting plenty of wide open slopes at SR probably through February. I'm guessing or more like...
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    Spring Skiing and COVID??

    Waiting for spring is the theme that's bouncing in my head as a likely scenario as well. A bulk of my skiing is done at Sugarloaf and Sunday River, so maybe there is some hope for good times but it's tough for me to get more than 8 days into March and whatever little April there may be. Hmmm...
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    Season Pass Options/Considerations

    Now, this I do find humorous - especially considering this particular Moppet character.
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    Season Pass Options/Considerations

    I'm afraid you give your self way too much credit calling your post a satire. At best, it's just mockery, the standard currency for right wingers. Reading that stuff was just like tuning in to "outrage talk radio". Mockery is all you got. A number of things mocked are actually big problems...
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    What will be different for 20/21 Ski Season?

    Just let it be. May be they have got used to wearing one. Granted, riding solo and in the country, wearing a mask doesn't do anyone any good. There are bike riding masks that will filter our dust, allergens. These masks have outflow valves, so they are not exactly protecting others but they...
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    Season Pass Options/Considerations

    :grin: Finally, this needed to be said! But in some ways it's great have BG on here. It's entertaining. BG - don't take this personally, but you really don't always need to have the last word. I do admire your tenacity to spend as much time as you do, arguing. Oh, it's OK to be wrong, sometimes.
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    What will be different for 20/21 Ski Season?

    In full agreement with this and the post by eastern powder baby. I fully realize the benefits of vaccines, yet bad and not so pleasant things can happen, especially when the job of getting an effective one is rushed. The potential downsides of COVID-19 are just head spinning and new bad news...
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    Best places in the East to ski on the busiest weekends and holidays to avoid crowds

    That's just super unusual. The snow conditions must have been marginal. I stopped skiing there on weekends when the snow is even half way decent because the 20+ min waits for the single were just too much for me. It's been a long time since I skied there but it was just such a weekend day when...
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    New bike

    That is a really nice bike - you probably have the Giant Contend 3. Frame geometry pretty much spot on the same as the much more expensive models in the Giant line. The compact drivetrain also the same gear wise (11 x34 cassette, 34/50), great for climbing and pushing the bike downhill with...
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    Boot Flex

    "I have a 104 forefoot, high instep and arch, narrow ankles and calves. Right, please show me who will supply me THAT insole. REALLY clueless." Just because YOU have weird feet doesn't mean that everyone else is "REALLY clueless". Take a deep breath, man. There is a lot of people out there who...
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    New bike

    Yes, please, tell us what you got. It's really interesting to see what one can get now for about 2 - 2.5 Comparatively speaking 2.5k can now get you something that would have been considered a superbike just a few years back.
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    Boot Flex

    As to he Flex 120 on those boots, that's a tough one to call and all I can tell you that the 100 flex of my Pantteras is plenty for me. I like to ski fast, carve my turns (mostly) and I do ski bumps so I prefer a bit more flex in my boots (and skis). The Flex 100 Panttera is plenty stiff for...
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    Boot Flex

    I'm fairly sure that the Pantteras you're looking at have the same "adjustable last" feature as mine. The last buckle, the one over the toes, can be locked in three different positions, giving you narrow, middle or wide last. The boots are made to fit D size widths the best, but this toe buckle...