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  1. J

    Quick question about Cannon Mtn.

    Cannon is not for the timid I reccommend using the Eagle Cliff chair and do the greens off of that, if you still feel pretty good, then go Peabody chair and try the blues- they are soooo much longer and steeper than what you are used to at Crotched. Ski in control and you'll be fine.
  2. J

    Frodo Gains on Winter Record!

    re: Winter record Congrats to Frodo and Stinky Feet for completing their goal in such a staggering, no pun instended, time...10 days 22 hrs 37 min. My hat is off to both of you and Thom ( cause he is out there freezing his butt off right now).
  3. J

    How Many NH 4000 Footers Have You Bagged?

    Michael, Well said. I am in agreement with you. I always hiked different places but in search of no goal just peace and quiet and views. THEN I started meeting a lot of people who were near completion or had finished the 48 and suddenly it seemed like a great way to hike places that maybe I...
  4. J

    How Many NH 4000 Footers Have You Bagged?

    Yay for Carragain! Pedxing, I agree, Carragain is a beautiful way to finish. The signal Ridge trail is fantastic! I finished last October on that trail/peak. So worth it. Save the bushwack for another time.
  5. J

    North Twin 9-29-02

    Date(s) Hiked: 9-29-02 Trails(s) Hiked: North Twin Trail Total Distance: 8.6m Difficulty: moderate Conditions: wet, fog Special Required Equipment: Gortex boots, gaiters,poles Trip Report: It rained a few inches the night before, so the trail was wet, the river crossings doable but Gortex...
  6. J

    How Many NH 4000 Footers Have You Bagged?

    If you haven't been to Baxter State Park yet it's a must do. The loop that goes over Knife's Edge and Baxter Peak and back to Roaring Brook campground is 10 miles mostly difficult. Even the walk out from Chimney Pond is not steep but rocky so you never get any flat cushy ground- BUT- well worth...
  7. J

    How Many NH 4000 Footers Have You Bagged?

    I'm sorry , "too long in the tooth" and "give up the ghost" - I get the general idea what that means but I've not heard those sayings...enlighten me. YES- Castle Trail is definetly on my list ( that is the one to Jefferson, correct?) I am not sure I want to do the presidential traverse...I would...
  8. J

    How Many NH 4000 Footers Have You Bagged?

    RJ, I still have my favorites which I have done many times, but some of the remote ones have been my favorites. I'm not so sure I would have done those if there wasn't a "list". I don't tend to read my hikers bible aka White Mt Guide from front to back....so it was a bit of an initiative. Also...
  9. J

    How Many NH 4000 Footers Have You Bagged?

    peak bagging etc After many years of hiking (30), I decided to go for the 48 4k's three years ago. I thought that I would hike many places and see many things that I might not have if I didn't pursue that goal. The other driving force is I have a competive side that continues to push me. Now...