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  1. billo

    IKON - Adventure Assurance - Due by October 1

    What is everyone picking for their Adventure Assurance on the IKON Pass? I was thinking of picking Stratton as that is generally my home/closest mountain, but would I likely get a better payout by choosing all destinations? I have to imagine at least one resort will close for some amount of...
  2. billo

    Who Has Bought Their 20/21 Pass Already?

    Just wondering who has purchased their season pass (or multi pass) for next season already? If you have not, would you have purchased it by this point last season? Maybe not date specific, but by the first price increase date. I have NOT purchased my Ikon Pass yet and last year I had already...
  3. billo

    Stratton Webcam

    Check out the mid mountain cam. It looks like they already plowed out the snow to open a road up the mountain. Any idea what they are working on or why they would need the road so soon?
  4. billo

    Zermatt Is Closed - Does Ikon Address

    I'm sure there is something in the fine print but Zermatt is now closed until at least April 30th. How does that work if you bought an Ikon Pass with the intention of using to ski in Zermatt (say, over spring break). Kind of hypothetical since I'm sure most people already cancelled their trips...
  5. billo

    SuperPasses 20/21

    Ikon Passes are up for next season. Full pass price is up, but renewal price is down from last year. Renewal was $930 last year I believe, now $900. Unlimited at Sugarbush for full pass. Base pass drops JH and Aspen (they are add ons for $150) Base pass is unlimited at Stratton with...
  6. billo

    Revelstoke 2/16-2/22

    We skied Revelstoke for 7 days from Sunday the 16th through Saturday the 22nd. Had quite a bit of fresh snow Sunday that lasted in the trees until Monday/Tuesday. Still plenty of soft snow around Wednesday and Thursday but definitely hit more groomers those days. I did some side country...
  7. billo

    Stevens Pass 7th Heaven Lift

    Lift tower snapped today, roping everyone off the lift. Rest of the lift remained intact so hopefully no injuries. Edit: Check Twitter post from @ckindel Looks like the rollers on the tower broke and made a tangled mess. Could take all day to get everyone down.
  8. billo

    Jackson Hole Christmas Week

    Heading to JH on Christmas day and flying home on New Year's day.. Planning to ski most days but also want to do some sightseeing. Assuming it's not snowing what will be the best days to not ski? Will Saturday and Sunday be the most crowded? Or will it be pretty equal? Assuming lots of people...
  9. billo

    Superstar Chair 24/7

    Is Superstar chair running 24/7? Every time I look at the webcam (first light, middle of the day, evening) the chair is spinning. This started a few weeks ago. I noticed this last year before the World Cup too. I wonder if it is a reliability issue in that any issues would be discovered...
  10. billo

    Jackson Hole - Airport Transfer

    I'm skiing in Jackson Hole this weekend and flying out Sunday afternoon at 130pm. We are staying in downtown Jackson and i'm thinking about skiing Sunday for a few hours before my flight. Is this doable and what are the best options for getting to the airport? Should I leave my bag at the...
  11. billo

    VT 103 Accident Near Ludlow

    Anybody know what happened on 103 south of Ludlow today around noon? Kids threw in the towel around 11 at Pico and we headed out. Made it through Ludlow and were just about to drop into the Gulf when all the cars stopped. Cars in front of us started turning around and as soon as we heard...
  12. billo

    Ikon Works At Pico!

    Breaking news per Pico instagram account.
  13. billo

    Weekend - 12/22-23

    Was hoping to use some Ikon days this weekend. Sugarbush Saturday and Killington Sunday. Rain totals for Friday keep going up and starting to think about bagging it. I assume Saturday will still be wet but skiing okay...but down to just the snowmaking trails. I assume Sunday will be major...
  14. billo

    Aspen/Snowmass April 2019

    We are headed to Denver April 13-21st next year. We have the Ikon Base Pass and plan to head to Aspen for five days of skiing at Aspen and or Snowmass. I booked a cancellable condo in downtown Aspen. Everything I've read says they plan on closing April 21st. Does that sound right? The price...
  15. billo

    Killingotn - 10/27/18

    Killington just tweeted that they are closed due to a weather related power outage....webcams are still working and snow guns are still running on Superstar. Makes me think the gondola or the chair lost power. Anybody up there to report?
  16. billo

    Ikon Pass

    Ikon now includes Solitude and Brighton with three more days of "announcements" to come. For the Ikon Base Pass Solitude is unlimited days with blackout dates and Brighton is 5 days with blackouts. Hoping they announce more eastern resorts...Pico would really make sense.
  17. billo

    Is Liftopia Cheaper?

    Why do people use Litftopia? Clueless or is it cheaper for some mountains? I was just spot checking for Pico. On the Pico website a 2 day ticket for next weekend (3/17) is $110. On Liftopia it is the same price.... What am I missing in this case? I'd much rather book directly with Pico than...
  18. billo

    Revelstoke For My Wife

    With Revelstoke on the Ikon we may be headed there next February, big factor will be cost of flights. I'm fine skiing there for 5-6 days, my kids will be fine in ski school, but I am most worried about how my wife will like it. She mainly skis blue groomers, and once she finds one she likes...
  19. billo

    Zermatt 1/29-2/2

    Trip is still on going, but here's a teaser video helicopter skiing yesterday. https://www.instagram.com/p/Beiz55pHmmC/
  20. billo

    Bromley Lift Accident

    Who has the beta on what happened at Bromley yesterday? I heard a chair on Sun Mountain flipped over the cable from the wind. Full lift evacuation by rope.