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  1. jaytrem

    Whaleback donations tripled today...

    Good day to donate to Whaleback if you feel like it... NH Gives is live from 6PM Tuesday June 9 to 6PM Wednesday June 10! Make your donation now and NH Gives will give matching dollars to Whaleback. Make your Donation to Whaleback! Want to make your donation...
  2. jaytrem

    Gore Six Pack?

    The word on skilifts.org is that Gore is getting a new six pack. Anybody heard anything on that? I imagine it would be a replacement for the high speed triple.
  3. jaytrem

    1/2 price Squaw Valley tickets available NOW.

    I remember somebody was going to Squaw and looking for discounts. We'll they're 1/2 price now at Dell Perks/Recreation Connection, $41.50. They usually don't last long, so grab em if you want em.... http://www.employeeactivities.com/memberb/group.asp?GroupID=291 Not sure the link works, you...