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  1. sankaty

    Sugarbush 2/8, Pico 2/9

    Sugarbush was sublime the morning of 2/8. Run of the day was fluffy bumps on Spillisville. Also loved Middle Earth, though decided the Castlerock line was too long to merit a repeat. Paradise was fun (maybe my favorite SB terrain), but some exposed rocks in the usual places. Took a couple of...
  2. sankaty

    Stratton 3/2/18

    It's been a little while since I've skied in a wire-to-wire snowstorm. Such fun! The wind and new snow were filling in tracks all day. The snow was dense, but not wet; perfect for covering the firm base. I few windblown areas, but also deep wind-sculpted drifts to play in. The afternoon...
  3. sankaty

    AT in alpine boots without walk mode?

    Hi all, I'm considering breaking into the AT world. Nothing too sophisticated at first. I'm anticipating an occasional morning climb at Pico or Ascutney, perhaps. For starters at least, I'm thinking a frame binding makes the most sense. My boots are Dalbello Krypton AX 110 IDs. They don't...
  4. sankaty

    Copper 2/17-2/21

    Thought I’d add one more Copper Mountain trip report. For our family of four, it was outstanding. We stayed in Center Village and found the price of our walk-to-lift accommodations very reasonable. Copper sometimes gets dinged for not having a thriving town, but for us it was perfect. Our...
  5. sankaty

    Stratton 1/18/17

    Date(s) Skied: 1/18/17 Resort or Ski Area: Stratton Conditions: Groomed packed powder/variable Trip Report: Skied Stratton today. Not a memorable day, but conditions were pretty good considering the recent thaw. Snow was on the firm side on anything with pitch, but serviceable on the...
  6. sankaty

    Spring bumps at Mount Snow or Stratton? Killington?

    Anyone know if either Mount Snow or Stratton have any areas that are bumped up for the last couple of spring weekends? My sense from the trail reports is that they are grooming everything out, presumably because of low base depths. How about Killington? Thanks for any intel.
  7. sankaty

    Mount Snow 1-30-16

    Date(s) Skied: 1-30-16 Resort or Ski Area: Mount Snow Conditions: Some man-made PP, mostly hardpack Trip Report: The conditions were not memorable, but still a fun day of skiing. Despite just a typical weekend crowd, the trails were pretty congested due to a relatively low trail count...
  8. sankaty

    Mount Snow 3-2-15

    Great day at Mount Snow today. It may have been the best day so far of an amazing season. They reported 9" in the past day or so, and it just skied so soft all day long. I was finding untracked lines all over the North Face and in the woods even up to 4PM. The North Face seemed to be highly...
  9. sankaty

    Sugarbush - 1/18-1/19

    Date(s) Skied: 1/18-1/19 Resort or Ski Area: Sugarbush (Mt. Ellen Sun / Lincoln Mon) Conditions: Powder/PP/Variable Trip Report: Skiing was good overall Sun/Monday at Sugarbush. I was skiing mostly with the kids, so I wasn't able to get to the steeps/trees much. Conditions were generally...
  10. sankaty

    Stratton - 3/6/14

    Date(s) Skied: 3/6/14 Resort or Ski Area: Stratton Conditions: Mostly firm PP Trip Report: Stratton skied quite well yesterday. Firm and fast for the most part, but generally softer than true hardpack and very little ice. Moguls were fun, but required a fair amount of attention and...
  11. sankaty

    Sugarbush 2/17-2/19

    Date(s) Skied: 2/17-2/19 Resort or Ski Area: Sugarbush Conditions: PP/P with a little hardpack Trip Report: Skied Monday through Wednesday at Sugarbush. Conditions were mostly excellent, improving each day with several inches of snow both Tuesday (5") and Wednesday (2") afternoons. Where...
  12. sankaty

    Mount Snow 1-25-14

    Date(s) Skied: 1/15 Resort or Ski Area: Mount Snow Conditions: Mostly PP with some hard pack as the day wore on Trip Report: Skiied Mount Snow yesterday with the family and was very impressed with the conditions. I have a low tolerance for hard pack, but there was legitimately soft snow...
  13. sankaty

    Mount Snow 1-25-14

    Date(s) Skied: 1/15 Resort or Ski Area: Mount Snow Conditions: Mostly PP with some hard pack as the day wore on Trip Report: Skiied Mount Snow yesterday with the family and was very impressed with the conditions. I have a low tolerance for hard pack, but there was legitimately soft snow...
  14. sankaty

    Stowe, Feb 15-17

    Date(s) Skied: Feb 15-17 Resort or Ski Area: Stowe Conditions: PP, Powder, Hardpack, some roots and rocks Trip Report: Had a great three days at Stowe. Very good snow on Friday and Saturday. Woods skied great overall, especially to the left of Hayride and the right of Nosedive. Bumps on...
  15. sankaty

    Sugarbush - 17-18 February 2012

    Date(s) Skied: 17-18 Feb Resort or Ski Area: Sugarbush Conditions: PP/hardpack/some fresh powder Trip Report: Just got back from a couple of days at Sugarbush. Conditions were exceptional on Friday with a few inches of fresh snow and mild temperatures softening the base. Today was...
  16. sankaty

    Stratton - 3/18

    Date(s) Skied: 3/18 Resort or Ski Area: Stratton Conditions: Spring corn Trip Report: Noticed yesterday the improving forecast for VT, so decided to go up to Stratton today. It was fantastic. It was overcast but basically dry until about 10AM, and then sunshine and temps in the 50s for...
  17. sankaty

    Sugarbush - Feb 14-16

    Date(s) Skied: Feb 14, 15, 16 Resort or Ski Area: Sugarbush (Lincoln Peak) Conditions: PP, wet snow on the 14th, FG with some powder on the 15-16th Trip Report: First trip to Sugarbush in about 17 years. What a great mountain. Due to family obligations, only had about two hours each...
  18. sankaty

    Recomendation for bump/tree ski, mostly eastern?

    Haven't quite found an answer to this in past threads. Sorry if I've missed one. I'm looking for a freeride ski with a waist in the 85-92 range. Here's me: Skier type: advanced Terrain: Bumps and trees (50/50), almost exclusively. Current ski: Rossi B2 174 Height: 6" Weight: 160 I...
  19. sankaty

    Stratton 2/4/11

    Date(s) Skied: 4-Feb-11 Resort or Ski Area: Statton Conditions: PP/Chopped powder Trip Report: Just a quick report to say that Stratton was in excellent shape yesterday. Packed powder (the real, soft, squeaky kind, not the firm, slick kind reported by most resorts) just about...
  20. sankaty

    Killington - 4/10/09

    Date(s) Skied: 4/10/09 Resort or Ski Area: Killington Conditions: Mostly corn, some hardpack on north and west facing slopes Trip Report: Great day at Killington. Skied mostly bumps on skiers' left on Superstar and the glades at the top of Snowdon (Patsy's and Low Rider). The glades were...