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  1. WoodCore

    Stratton 03/09/2019

    Beautiful weather and decent snow with lot's of folks out and about the mountain. Arrived early and managed to get quite a few laps in before the liftlines began to form. When they did form, they were impressive lines, but only for an hour or so and then greatly diminished around lunch time...
  2. WoodCore

    Killington to Replace North Ridge (Glades) Triple Chair

    According to the VT ACT 250 database, Killington has filed an application to replace the North Ridge triple chair with a FG quad. https://anrweb.vt.gov/ANR/vtANR/Act250SearchResults.aspx?Num=1R0062-1
  3. WoodCore

    Holiday Week Blues

    So far it's not looking like a great holiday weather week. Great Lakes runner this Fri/Sat and the chance for another post X-mas but maybe a New Years storm, a big one. It's not quite there yet but I like the way it's been trending especially the latest GFS. Regardless, still to far out to say...
  4. WoodCore

    The Gun Show

    A place to post great live web cam footage of snowmaking. Check out the Mohawk Mtn. cam tonight........ https://www.mohawkmtn.com/the-mountain/webcam/
  5. WoodCore

    Looks To Be A Good Week For The Northeast!

    Snowfall totals through Turkeyday....... https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=gfs&region=us&pkg=asnow&runtime=2018111218&fh=6
  6. WoodCore

    Stratton Mountain - New Snow Bowl HSQ

    Hoping to be back up next weekend but just in case made some laps down the nice last pitch of the "Snow Bowl Alley" trail on Saturday. The configuration of the base station and chair storage rail on the new HSQ will radically alter the look and flow of this area for sure! If your...
  7. WoodCore

    Okemo Mountain - 12/25/2016

    A grey and very blustery sky made getting up out of bed a tad bit difficult but glad I made the effort! The skiing was pretty good, the crowds non-existent and it ended up becoming a beautiful, blue-bird day. Plenty of well covered open terrain to choose from at Okemo on Christmas Day. Parked...
  8. WoodCore

    Stratton Mountain, VT - 12/10/2016 & 12/11/2016

    Good snow, great variety of terrain and incredible coverage. Skiing was excellent this weekend up at Stratton. Although they did not receive the deeper up-slope snows like areas further north, Stratton with it's high elevation got just enough to aid the surface conditions and help bolster the...
  9. WoodCore

    2016-2017 Snowmaking Pictures

    Love this time of year! Watching the initial snowmaking assault at ski areas big and small is highly addictive! Post up some recent photos of snowmaking you might have seen or taken. Here's one from today of Stratton to start. :snow:
  10. WoodCore

    Spruce Triple - Sunday River, ME

    This isn't good! http://sundayriver.com/news
  11. WoodCore

    Stratton Mountain - 03.19.2016

    Another beautiful Saturday at Stratton............... Snow Bowl Drifter Black Bear Bromley Tamarack Spruce Looking Up From The Base From Afar
  12. WoodCore

    Stratton Mountain - 03.12.2016

    Despite the horrid weather, the mountain ops did a fantastic job piecing the hill back together. The were many good turns to be had for sure. Amazing how a super nice bluebird spring day can make all the short comings of this ski season fade to the background, albeit for only a short time, the...
  13. WoodCore

    Redemption Storm? 02/23/2016 - 02/26/2016

    Still a long ways out but definitely one to keep an eye on!!
  14. WoodCore

    What would you do?? - Magic Mtn Edition

    It's the close of ski season and you've just been handed the keys to Magic Mountain, VT. You have complete control of the ski area and $5 Million to invest. How do you spend the money? Post up your plan!
  15. WoodCore

    Winter Returns to NE

    Three shots at some decent snow in the northeast next week. Things can change as the systems are still way out in the forecast models but keep it on the radar for sure! :snow::snow::snow:
  16. WoodCore

    Stratton Mountain - 01.24.2016

    Bluebird skies, abundant sunshine, moderate temps and light crowds made for one hell of a great ski day. The snow was primarily fresh man made packed powder that hasn't seen a freeze/thaw cycle, very sweet to turn on! Hit the majority of the open terrain which was more than able to spread people...
  17. WoodCore

    New Stratton Webcam

    Saw them installing it on New Years Day, should go to a live feed in a few days........... http://media.intrawest.com/stratton/Strattonmidcam.jpg
  18. WoodCore

    Stratton 12/25/2015

    Despite the 70 degree weather on xmas eve the skiing was pretty decent today. Yes the terrain is limited but the light crowds and sunny skies made for a very pleasurable morning of turns. Three routes open in the URSA pod (black bear, polar bear and North American) and a route connecting to...
  19. WoodCore

    Depression at the Institution

  20. WoodCore

    Route 100 Today......

    Made the trip down VT Route 100 today from Jeffersonville to the Mass State Line and was able to get a pretty good read on the status of VT skiing going into the holiday week. Pretty depressing ride overall however some looked better than others. Stowe and Sugarbush looked well covered, same...