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  1. bobbutts

    Portland to Conway Ski Trains?

    Conway Daily Sun Article Seems like many don't believe it will actually happen. I've always thought a ski train would be cool.
  2. bobbutts

    $1M for Mittersill "improvement project"

    Nashua Telegraph article Anyone have more details?
  3. bobbutts

    Sunapee Condominiums Ruling

  4. bobbutts

    Balsams Grand Resort teams up with ski industry legend Les Otten

    http://www.unionleader.com/article/20140211/NEWS02/140219854 Just saw the headline, didn't even read it yet.
  5. bobbutts

    Ragged 01-25

    Went out for the afternoon with kid to meet with some friends doing the Ride and Ski card 2-1 weekend tour. Lodge and food service were packed. Nobody buying tickets to pair up with for a few min, so got antsy and took a bath on a $54 rack 1/2 day. Lots of HS age racers from the S. Shore of...
  6. bobbutts

    Chairlift incident at Crotched

    2 People fell from a chairlift and suffered "serious" injuries around 4:30 Today Not much info in the Article from WMUR
  7. bobbutts

    Slope angle with smartphone

    Was just messing around with Smart Tools Seems to measure slope angle quickly and accurately. I'm curious about how steep a slope is from time to time, will give it a try
  8. bobbutts

    Super Hydrophobic spray at Home Depot

    Looks pretty amazing DZrjXSsfxMQ besides the obvious applications of waterproofing clothing and whatnot, I wonder what would happen if you spray this on the bottom of the skis, how about on water skis or a kayak?
  9. bobbutts

    $500,000 Donation for Mittersill

    George and his wife Andy Macomber of Westwood made a $500,000 gift to the project, which is aimed at revitalizing Mittersill’s existing slopes. Read more: http://www.wickedlocal.com/westwood/features/x1002424878/Westwood-residents-make-financial-gift-to-alpine-resort-renovation#ixzz2WaYIO3L3
  10. bobbutts

    Slow/Down just now

    --- forums.alpinezone.com ping statistics --- 23 packets transmitted, 16 received, 30% packet loss, time 22818ms rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 24.991/25.138/25.494/0.234 ms Site was timing out and loading slowly last few mins.
  11. bobbutts

    Sunapee Lawsuit Update

  12. bobbutts

    Magic Thu-Sun Operating Schedule

    From today's Magic update.
  13. bobbutts

    NH Chronicle on Mittersill

  14. bobbutts

    03/21/2013 Pat's Peak Night

    Just a quick report, no pix. Brought my daughter out for a couple hours. Still soft wintery surfaces on anything with pitch. Flats got a bit cooked and refrozen, but not bad for this time of year. Hurricane has bumps and some icy patches and some powder spots still, skied pretty well though...
  15. bobbutts

    Look for seeded moguls on Outer Limits, Upper Mouse Run and Mouse Trap.

    From the Killington snow report today. That's something new? http://www.killington.com/winter/mountain/conditions/index.html
  16. bobbutts

    Power Plant/Ski Slope

    Uxu-wKE9s1c Skip to 2:35 (@mods the youtube tag doesn't seem to work with &t=2m36s) http://www.fastcodesign.com/1663100/exclusive-bjarke-ingels-to-build-a-combo-ski-slope-and-power-plant I don't really understand how it makes power or snow
  17. bobbutts

    White Mountain Superpass 2013-2014

    Waterville Valley Resort, Bretton Woods, Cannon, and CranmoreSpring Prices: $949 18+ $549 13-17 $449 6-12
  18. bobbutts

    Loon Mt. 01/13/2013

    Loon Mt. 01/11/2013 Afternoon at Loon had mostly packed powder with some scraped/windblown spots that still had some grip. Avoided the Gondola and went back and forth between Kanc and North Peak. Some bumps building on several runs. No melting today, was even a sleet shower.
  19. bobbutts

    Steepest Night Skiing Trail in NE

    Pat's Peak says in their snow report that Hurricane is the steepest night skiing trail in NNE. I believe that. My question is what's the steepest in all NE? Guesses are Whitetail at Jiminy or Gunbarrel at Sundown? Maybe there's something else? Anyone know?
  20. bobbutts

    Sunapee 12/14

    Got out for the afternoon. They just had one run each from their quad chairs. Blastoff had a good amount of loose granular on top of hardpack. Wingding was mostly just hardpack. I didn't check south peak. Was basically empty out there, but still managed to get skied off by last chair...