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  1. BackLoafRiver

    Wicked Ride

    Was considering doing the "Wicked Ride of the East" http://www.nemba.org/events/wicked-ride-east on the 30th. Anyone ridden it or planning on doing it? Was going to try and get there early, do the route, then do some demos.
  2. BackLoafRiver

    For Sale FS: Santa Cruz Bronson

    Probably no one in here looking but I thought I'd put it here just in case. I've made a bunch of improvements. Just looking for something a bit different. (I have a problem...) http://m.pinkbike.com/buysell/2014383/ Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  3. BackLoafRiver

    401 Advice

    So, in 3 weeks a buddy of mine and I will be doing a cross country trip of sorts with the end goal being Crested Butte. (Fruita and Moab are for another time) After thinking about where we wanted to go, CB seemed to be the perfect fit. Have any of you ridden out there? I've done a bunch of...
  4. BackLoafRiver


    Ok... So I have PATIENTLY been waiting for Maxxis to stock the High Roller II in a 27.5 x 2.4 TR EXO forever. It still isn't available and the shop says at LEAST June. Thoughts on a replacement? I've used the Ardent in the same spec and didn't love it...felt kinda squirrly with less grip...
  5. BackLoafRiver

    Dropper Length?

    So, I am in the market for a dropper. I know the diameter of my seat tube is 30.9 and it comes with a 400mm post The reverb has a 30.9 option in 390 and 440mm option. How do you know which length to get? Edit - By being a total idiot, I didn't do a quick goolge search. Turns out there are...
  6. BackLoafRiver

    Willowdale State Park

    Any of you guys ride Willowdale? I have been hearing stuff about it and was thinking of checking it out this weekend.
  7. BackLoafRiver

    Where to go?

    Next Sunday, a friend of mine wanted to get together to ride. He lives in Haverhill. Our original thought was KT but, I was trying to find something a bit different. He is still relatively new to the sport and I'd like to get him a place with nice flow and basically allow him a chance to...
  8. BackLoafRiver

    Kt - 9/12/15

    I'll quote myself...sometimes these trails are the most fun you can have with your clothes on. There are some times, however, you want to punch your fellow rider. I had a bit of both today. Ended up going solo to KT today. Wheels moving by 10:30, which was the plan. The lot was JAMMING and I...
  9. BackLoafRiver

    KT Saturday - 9/12/15

    Thinking of making the trip to KT for the last time this season. Anyone around? Thinking of a 10:30 start, end with some stuff at Burke followed by a little Tiki Bar.
  10. BackLoafRiver

    1 x 11?

    Short story long, the lbs is offering a conversion from my 2 x 10 XT setup to a 1 x 11 XTR (new shifter, dérailleur, chain, front ring) for $450 The gearing is 32 up front, 42 rear. Thoughts? I'm wondering if I'm going to miss the granny gear. There are only a few places I use it. Wondering...
  11. BackLoafRiver

    Hunts or Heinz

    Simple question. This conversation sparked an epic battle between the wife and I. She says I can't tell the difference. I say Heinz is the only ketchup. I say she's wrong. Go! Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  12. BackLoafRiver

    Solo rides

    For whatever reason, I have yet to connect with a group to ride trail with in my area. I'm a member of the a greater Portland nemba chapter but haven't been to any of their group rides. I think I'm intimidated since I'm slow and not a strong technical rider. I've got stamina for days but...
  13. BackLoafRiver


    Recommend me some. My latest pair died and the apple buds are not a decent option for working out. (Damned things keep falling out) I'd be using them for the gym. Features I'd like: - inline mic - durability - straight plug - cheap is not bad Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  14. BackLoafRiver

    Nemba fest 2015

    http://www.nemba.org/nembafest Anyone going? I was thinking about it. I'd definitely be more into it if I knew some of you would be around.
  15. BackLoafRiver

    Tremblant help

    Hey all, So, the wife and I decided that, rather than take 1 big honeymoon, we would take smaller trips during each of the four seasons. Our "winter" trip is to Tremblant. I ski. She does not. That isn't a huge issue. What I am looking for is some help from anyone with knowledge on budget...
  16. BackLoafRiver

    Sugarloaf 11-9-14

    Going up for Opening Day! Anyone going to be around? EDIT - Should read the 9th. *tomorrow, Sunday* Can a mod edit? I'm an idiot.
  17. BackLoafRiver

    Fall Foliage MTB

    So, I was thinking that, as the leaves are changing and it is the PERFECT time for Mountain biking, if there was interest in having a meet up somewhere. I was thinking Bear Brook since it seems pretty central. I could EASILY be talked into a day at KT on a weekend. A long-shout would be the...
  18. BackLoafRiver


    So, recently I have been noticing a LARGE number of break-in's in our area and it got me super freaked out about my bikes. How do you guys have yours insured? Since we rent, I have had rental insurance for years but never thought to check how they handle bicycles. According to the insurance...
  19. BackLoafRiver

    BB30 Cranks

    Ok, so, long story short; when Specialized upgraded my frame, the only way to get my current crank to fit was an adapter. Sadly, the adapter has given some weird spacing between the frame and the crank so shifting is all over the place and it doesn't look like there is any way to fix it. Enter...
  20. BackLoafRiver

    Heart Rate Monitor

    So, in an effort to be more mindful of calorie-burn during my various cycling activities, I have decided to get a heart rate monitor. My Edge 800 is Ant+ compatible so it has to at least meet that requirement. Anyone here use one? reviews seem to be all over the place with...