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  1. steamboat1

    Where would you live in ski country?

    As my local says Brooklyn, NY- Pittsford, VT.
  2. steamboat1

    Stenger and Quiros Ousted from Management of Jay Peak and Burke

  3. steamboat1

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2016-17 Edition

    They have always been transferrable. You can use all four tickets the same day for you & your friends. The catch is only the person that purchased the quad pack can redeem the tickets & has to be there in person to do so. You can't give them to someone else to redeem.
  4. steamboat1

    NWS 2016 / 2017 Winter forecast!

    I'm happy with whatever.
  5. steamboat1

    Killington 2016-7: It's On!

    I say just stick with tuna's forecasts. If he says it's going to dump stay home. I've found more inaccuracy in his forecasts than any other projections posted on here. yeggous is another. My projection is there will be lift serviced skiing at K tomorrow with free lunch for passholders.
  6. steamboat1

    Skiing/Snowboarding Trends

    Work is a full time job. The younger generation just doesn't have the free time a lot of us enjoyed. For most it's not 9 to 5 anymore. I see it with the hours my daughter has to work & she has a good job with a major corporation.
  7. steamboat1

    Killington 2016-7: It's On!

    If lunch is anything like pass holder appreciation day in the spring they feed you well. If I remember right they gave you a choice of either a regular burger, bison burger, vegi burger or chicken filet. Lettuce, tomato, pickle, regular salad or pasta salad plus a free beverage. Nice gesture on...
  8. steamboat1

    Killington 2016-7: It's On!

    This is a nice touch...:beer: "They say there's no such thing as a free lunch, but that's not true for Killington Season Pass holders. Show your pass on opening day for lunch on us at the K-1 Cafeteria, the North Ridge Dog Sled, or the Peak Lodge. Complimentary coffee and hot chocolate will...
  9. steamboat1

    Killington 2016-7: It's On!

    If I had to guess it'll be a soft opening sometime Mon.
  10. steamboat1

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2016-17 Edition

    billski I do the season pass route for the most part plus purchase a VT. Pass. The season pass I usually get down to under $20 a day for skiing. I ski K or Pico which are the closest mountains to our ski club lodge . The VT. Pass is $40 some odd dollars a day as I'm sure you know & lets me ski...
  11. steamboat1

    Snowing at Hunter today

    Snowing at K too (Ramshead cam).
  12. steamboat1

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2016-17 Edition

    I hardly use them anymore, maybe a day or two at Stowe, that's it. Haven't bought a bulk ski club ticket in years. I ski for less money without them. The deal for belonging to a ski club for me is not lift ticket saving, it's the savings on lodging costs.
  13. steamboat1

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2016-17 Edition

    When Sugarbush first came out with the original $199 quad pack a few years ago there was no tax added. That's one of the benefits of the Ski VT. passes & MAX Pass, the price they quote is the price you pay, no tax.
  14. steamboat1

    It's coming!

    Sounds pretty much the same' https://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/autumnwinter/predicts.jsp
  15. steamboat1

    MRG is Hiring

    Some things never change.
  16. steamboat1

    ski club/package trips west

    I wonder if these group trips offer a discounted rate if you don't need lift tickets?
  17. steamboat1

    Job workers needed thread

    For September U-6 was 9.3% (BLS) & 12.8% (Gallup)