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  1. skiNEwhere

    Post season weather forecast analysis

    Every year before ski season starts we get a winter forecast. Is there any site that analyzes how accurate that data was after the season was over? I've checked the Googles and only got scattered results. I was hoping to find a site that showed data for each season showing how accurate each...
  2. skiNEwhere

    Times you've skied in sketch conditions

    I started writing this up in the lessons and pointers thread but I think this falls under a separate category. Last season, I had my Soul 7's at Sugarbush on March 5th. I forgot how liberal of the trail opening policy Sugarbush has.... I went on the run directly underneath the north ridge...
  3. skiNEwhere

    Who will open First?

    Even if it's only for 24 hours, then they close again
  4. skiNEwhere

    Telluride - Closing Day 4/2/17

    I was hoping to ski San Joaquin Couloir (behind me) but my backcountry partners had skied it a collective dozen times and weren't interested in skiing it again. The group decided on Ballard peak, which was a long 4-5 hour skin with about 5k of vertical required to get there) and maybe about 5...
  5. skiNEwhere

    Aspen Highlands 1/7/17

    Conditions: Powder Me and my buddy Nate skied Highlands today and it was sickkkkk. Highlands received 21 inches Thursday, and hoping to beat the front range crowds we used up once of our MCP days. No crowds other than when we accidentally ended up at the bottom around 10:30, and 5 minutes at...
  6. skiNEwhere

    South America Ski Trip

    I've been wanting to make a trip down south for a while, luck would have it that my work required me to go to Buenos Aires for a few days, so I was able to turn the business trip into a vacation. After finishing up with work, I made my way to Las Leñas which is where I am now. There has not...
  7. skiNEwhere

    Mountain Collective Latest Additions!

    Telluride and Revelstoke added. I had a feeling Telluride was on MC's list since its big enough and is far away enough from other MC resorts. Revelstoke has been on my wishlist for years, maybe this will push me over
  8. skiNEwhere

    Las Leñas

    Anyone been? Looks like my work may be taking me to Buenos Aires late next month. I haven't taken much vacation this year so I'm going to try and incorporate that into the trip. I'm in the early stages of planning, the biggest thing I'm having trouble with is locking on a reputable guide...
  9. skiNEwhere

    Just stumbled upon.....

    Was browsing the forum via "new posts" and I inadvertently clicked the number of replies under the "Replies/Views" column for the "Big Burke Announcement" thread, and this popped up. Been on here like 10 years and didn't know you could do that. I'm sure I'm not the only one?? Not necessarily...
  10. skiNEwhere

    Mechanical Doping - The next wave of cheating?

    Some cyclists have turned to installing tiny motors inside their frame to give them the edge http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2016-04/26/what-is-mechanical-doping
  11. skiNEwhere

    Man, it sure is quiet around here

    Is it me or has this forum been a lot less active the past year or so? Seems like a lot of people are lurking now (myself included) most of the time, due to all the inactivity. Everyone, start post whoring and wake this place up!
  12. skiNEwhere

    Sunlight 2.7.2016 - The Magic Mtn of the West??

    Date: February 7th, 2016 Resort: Sunlight Mountain Resort (Near Glenwood Springs, CO) Conditions/Weather: Powder/Packed Powder. Temps in the 20's Trip No: 26 Report: Sunlight is a relatively small ski area about 2 hours, 15-30 minutes from Denver. Just as most casual skiers in the Boston...
  13. skiNEwhere

    Crazy kicking horse Gondi evac!

    What is going on this year? I think there's been at least 4 lift evacs in North America so far, this is the wildest though. Scroll ahead to 1:10 where it gets interesting Rcv5WfpMxSI
  14. skiNEwhere

    Almost ski towns

    http://unofficialnetworks.com/2015/12/top-10-emerging-ski-towns-according-to-national-geographic Interesting that driggs, ID is on there when Jackson is a bona fide ski town. If we're going that route, I need to add glenwood springs, CO (technically a city) Avon, CO gets an honorable mention...
  15. skiNEwhere

    Silverton - 12/27/15

    I've never skied SW Colorado before, and the 4 day week seemed like a good chance to knock out Silverton and Telluride. I skied telluride the previous 3 days and drove to Silverton after the last day. What should've only been a 1.5 hour drive turned into a close to 4 hour detour through Cortez...
  16. skiNEwhere

    How many days so far? (2015-2016 season)

    Today at Loveland makes one
  17. skiNEwhere

    2015-2016 Ski Voucher and BOGO thread

    I have TWO vouchers for lift tickets at Arapahoe Basin. No blackout dates, no restrictions, fully transferable (i.e, I don't have to be the one that claims them). I'd like to trade for Taos, which seems to have a lot of vouchers floating around. I'll even do a 1:2 trade for a lift ticket at a...
  18. skiNEwhere

    More Chairlift Geekery - Destructive Testing

    I think this video has been posted a couple times here and there, but I haven't seen a thread dedicated to it. In the early 90's Winter Park took out the Eskimo Chairlift in dramatic fashion. There are a few tests done, but the the interesting ones can be found at 4:28 - Rollback test 9:52 -...
  19. skiNEwhere

    Summer Deal Thread

    Post any and all summer promo's going on. I'm looking to score a good deal on some Blizzard Latigo's. Best I can find so far is $375 w/o shipping. Think I can do even better than that if I hold out. I'm gonna copy from other sites here Start Haus http://starthaus.com/ has two active coupons...
  20. skiNEwhere

    Forums acting glitchy

    I've noticed a few things here and there, but with my last post I had many problems I've noticed that a lot of the time if I try to edit my post, I'll get the error "The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 2 characters." I get this even if I add an...