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  1. bdfreetuna

    MRG 2/11/20 + Smuggs 2/12/20

    Finally had a couple days off for a ski trip with my wife, 2 year old staying with the grandparents. Saw the weather about 8 days prior and booked the trip for the safest bet which seemed to be north of I-89. 2 nights at Smugglers Notch Inn... really a wonderful time but I'll get to the skiing...
  2. bdfreetuna

    Accurate, Informative & Trustworthy Snow Reports vs Vague & Questionable Snow Reports

    Accurate, Informative & Trustworthy Snow Reports vs Vague & Questionable Snow Reports The idea for this thread came because I consider Mad River Glen to be extremely detailed and accurate in their snow report. So much so, in fact, that if somebody tells me it sucks and MRG snow report says it's...
  3. bdfreetuna

    Mad River Glen -- 1/29/2020 -- unskiable/dangerous "idiots only"

    The pics tell the story. Most of my runs were off the double because it was so cold and windy. Maybe I would pick Sunnyside over Single Chair if I had to pick just one. Luckily don't have to. View of Catamount Bowl in the morning-- clouds were flying fast Partridge or somewhere around there...
  4. bdfreetuna

    Berkshire East 1/10/2020 and recent experiences

    I'm a long time Berkshire East skier, well, 32+ years since I was a kid and probably first skied it. It took me a while to get used to not seeing double chairs there, and there being easy trails off the back. I digress. I went to Berkshire East on Monday and also today (Friday), as well as...
  5. bdfreetuna

    Mount Snow - November 14 2019

    Least amount of people I've seen at Mount Snow by far. Only open runs were really Canyon/Chute on the main face and Freefall on north face. Canyon skied alright but it's not my favorite trail, too many rollers obstructing downhill visibility and they had a mini terrain park set up on the trail...
  6. bdfreetuna

    Tenney Mountain

    What's the deal with Tenney? I see they're back open again. It also seems they've revived their website in the last week or so. http://www.skitenney.com/ Ride and Ski Card is doing $40 lift tickets Is it kind of like a NH version of Magic with limited snowmaking and some steepish narrow...
  7. bdfreetuna

    Skiing on the Cheap Aggregate Sticky Thread

    adios https://forums.alpinezone.com/showthread.php/140833-Skiing-on-the-cheap-2018-19?p=1008878&viewfull=1#post1008878
  8. bdfreetuna

    Sugarbush - 4/22/2018

    Last day I can ski this season due to surgery & life turned out pretty well, mainly thanks to Sugarbush keeping the flame alive in this never-ending winter. I don't feel like writing a lengthy story, enjoy the photos and ski vicariously through them. The terrain at Sugarbush really suits me in...
  9. bdfreetuna

    Jay Peak - 2 days - 4/11-12/2018

    Last hurrah? Just got over a flu and tired of waiting for perfect weather. I saw a window of 2 warmish days in a row at Jay. Almost everything is open, there's been a little recent snow, and there's a chance of corn. Started the morning on the groomed (Jet and Haynes were a blast -- and fast)...
  10. bdfreetuna

    Killington - every day is a new day 3/24/18

    I figure KustyTheKlown is still up there at the beer fest -- I have a shorter drive and a beer fest already in my fridge First time up this year on a Saturday. Parking lots full but lift lines really not that bad. A lot of casual skiers hanging around the lodges all day, and then moving to the...
  11. bdfreetuna

    Killington 3-15-2018

    Short report. Tons of snow, perhaps most I've seen at Killington. Snowed 10" last night and 8" more during the day. On top of a ton of soft snow. Could stick my pole in all the way and it never touched bottom or anything besides powder. Went with my father today and paced myself accordingly...
  12. bdfreetuna

    Mad River Glen - 3/9/18 - day of the year so far

    Seems strange to say, but there was no doubt about it. Day of the year. How can that possibly be when I was at Magic for the storm of the year(decade?) yesterday ? Well, conditions were about 4" of fluff on top of 12" of fresh on top of 6" of before that which hadn't turned to ice. "Riding...
  13. bdfreetuna

    Bolton Valley - Feb 19 2018

    Hit the road at 5:00AM after an earlier than expected awakening. Was planning on either Bolton or Smuggs today -- had plenty of time to get to both for first chair. I figured Bolton would have far less crowds on a holiday, turns out it was a good calculation. Never waited in a lift line, mostly...
  14. bdfreetuna

    Stowe 2/15/18

    Got there nice and early but wasn't very excited due to hearing how things froze up again big time over night. Stowe did have a bunch of groomed terrain, which was what I was counting on. Very small crowd there, relatively speaking. I had every lift to myself except one time I rode the Gondola...
  15. bdfreetuna

    Mad River Glen - 2/14/2018

    Day 1 of a 2 day solo adventure. Family is in PA for the week. Unfortunately conditions did not pan out for me to take the epic powder chasing journey I had hoped for. But MRG had $14 Valentine's Day tickets, I bought a few days ago in advance, figuring maybe things will soften up and corn up...
  16. bdfreetuna

    Pico - Feb 9 2018

    Went to Pico with the old man today. 64 years old and he does alright. Even one upped me today. Was about 3 degrees when we arrived. Almost nobody there, parked a couple rows away from the lodge. Obviously lots of snow up there right now. My primary mission was to ski "Busted", which I haven't...
  17. bdfreetuna

    Jay Peak 4/9/17 best day of the season

    We stayed at Woodshed Lodge next to Jay Peak after driving up from Killington. Very cozy joint, nice dog too, and good breakfast. Can't beat the location, so we went to Big Jay Tavern for dinner. There was a lot of snow up there. Anyway, the skiing today was off the hook. This morning's...
  18. bdfreetuna

    Killington 4/8/17

    Got to Bear Mountain base just before 9:00. There was a mogul competition going on, which I soon figured out was amateur open registration, and made Bear Mountain a fun scene with grills, music, lots of people, costumes, etc. But I was all about shredding the mountain today. On a mission...
  19. bdfreetuna

    Whiteface - 2/12/2017

    Booked a B&B near Whiteface a week and a half ago, before the ice storm was on the radar. Thought we would be skiing packed powder and open woods up there. I was wrong. Bought tickets on Liftopia, non-refundable. The B&B wasn't really "weather cancellation" friendly. So we went, and instead of...
  20. bdfreetuna

    Bolton Valley - Feb 5 2017

    After a pretty lame Saturday at Stratton I talked my wife into another day trip to Bolton Valley. They advertised a lot of snow lately and a foot and a half in the last couple days. Got an early start, skied a full day starting on Vista, then lots of runs over at Timberline, then Wilderness and...