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  1. Glenn

    Snow Valley For Sale

    http://www.strattonhome.com/listing/4826030/90-snow-valley-winhall-vt-05340/ The description is a little vague. Not sure if it's the ski area itself or the land next to it.
  2. Glenn

    Skiing in costumes

    So I've seen a bunch of individuals this year skiing in costumes. I'm probably showing my age, but here goes... They look like some sort of pajama onsie thing. I've seen a dude in a unicorn costume and yesterday we had the pleasure of riding the lift with two females wearing what I guessed were...
  3. Glenn

    Running a lift of off diesel

    Stratton was running one of their detachables off the diesel engine Sunday. Based on the snow report, they had been doing that for a few days. I had thought that the diesel was there for a backup; to get people off the lift if the primary electric drive goes down. If you are running the diesel...
  4. Glenn

    Lodge Fire at Mt. Tom

    Hopefully, the firefighter is OK. Does anyone know who owns the property now? From what I recall, the only things left there were the buildings. All the equipment (lifts, alpine slide, water park) has been removed...
  5. Glenn

    Stratton 1/5/2020

    First time out for awhile and it was good to be back on the hill. Started off with a little excitement when we rescued a snowboard we saw fall off of a shuttle bus. We were able to catch up and deliver it. Unfortunately, the daughters board fell off back at the condo complex. Skiing was...
  6. Glenn

    Stratton 11/24/2019 Opening Day

    First day of the season! Rolled in around 11AM and had to park in Lot 1 and shuttle in. Whatever that smaller hotel was by Lot 1 is now a pile of rubble. The bus driver wasn't sure what was going there. He said he heard rumors, but for now, more parking. The skiing was pretty good over all...
  7. Glenn

    Where did all the GoPros Go?

    So a few years back, everyone from 9 years old to 29 years old had these things fastened to themselves in one regard or the other. Now, you hardly see them. Did people get tired of POV?
  8. Glenn

    Weekend Speculation Thread: 2/23-2/24

    This next mid week system looks kinda meh...but at least it's mostly frozen. Sunday has me a little worried. Saturday looks like a really good day with decent temps and sun.
  9. Glenn

    Bellows Falls, VT Rope Tow

    I honestly had no idea this existed. Unfortunate that they can't get it running for school break: https://www.reformer.com/stories/bellows-falls-rope-tow-wont-run-this-year,564689
  10. Glenn

    2/12-2/13 Storm Speculation Thread

    Trending well for SoVT; Winter Storm Watch issued. Looking like 7-10" of snow throughout the area. Will have to keep an eye on the mixing.
  11. Glenn

    Stratton 2/3/2019

    Rolled up around 11AM? It was a bit busier than we thought it would be given it was Superbowl Sunday. It was actually less crowded last weekend. Conditions weren't bad. Some trails had some packed powder over a firm base. The steeps had some scratch spots. The top of the mountain was in a...
  12. Glenn

    Lodge Food Prices

    Admittedly, I don't pay much attention to prices in the lodge. We may grab a beverage and an app at the end of the day here and there at a bar on the mountain, but never eat in the lodge for lunch. Yesterday, I looked at the monitor and a cheeseburger was $14.95. Lodge price...not sit-down...
  13. Glenn

    1/29/2019 Storm Speculation Thread

    NWS has issued an Winter Storm Watch for SoVT. Calling for about 7" or more of snow at this point in the game. Cool temps to follow, so this snow should last into the weekend.
  14. Glenn

    Living Memorial Park, Brattleboro: History

    This is a great read on the history of the park; not only for skiing but other activities. It's been around for quite some time! https://www.reformer.com/stories/skiing-at-living-memorial-has-deep-roots,558444
  15. Glenn

    Lodges that don't allow outside food

    I've heard some rumblings that the new Carinthia lodge at Mt. Snow won't allow outside food to be brought in. I've seen ski areas that don't allow coolers and I get that. They're bulky, can't go in the bag check slots and they don't want people camping out a table for 2 hours during lunch whilst...
  16. Glenn


    Spotted at Stratton on Saturday. There was another bag there later in the afternoon. No line at bag check; which was just down the hall. I don’t get some people. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Glenn

    Forum Redirect

    I've been getting the following redirect the first time I visit the site during a browser session: https://forums.alpinezone.com/profile.php?do=dst Something to do with the time change?
  18. Glenn

    Stratton 4/7/2018

    7” of fresh snow made for a great day! Soft bumps, powdery groomers; hard to believe this is April. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Glenn

    Bob Beattie passed away

    I remember watching him on ESPN in the 1980's. He'd do some of the announcing for ski racing and had a weekly show IIRC. I can't remember the name, but he'd be at different areas and they'd have segments on skiers and whatnot. I know we've talked it about it before here. He had quite the...
  20. Glenn

    Why do people stop skiing for the season?

    In good years, it seems we run out of mountains before we run out of snow. Why is it that people will clamor to the mountain early season, to ski in grey, cold, narrow conditions, yet when it's warm, sunny and 75% of the terrain is open, no one shows up? Is it other activities? Over...