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  1. steamboat1

    Lifts that are never open

    Since we have a thread about trails that are never open I thought I'd start this one. Quickly off the top of my head I'll start with South American at Stratton & Black at Magic. I'm sure there are others out esteemed members can come up with.
  2. steamboat1

    History of Mad River Glen

  3. steamboat1

    So Who's Done?

    I already thought my trip before last was it. Then I went up again last week not expecting much & had a great 3 days. Said my goodbyes to the mountain & some friends not expecting to drive up again. Can't get the bug out of my system & with the nice long range forecast I plan on heading up again...
  4. steamboat1

    Prepaid ticket/vouchers wasted

    I've noticed in a few threads people saying they have prepurchased tickets/vouchers they didn't use because of the poor season this year. How many did you not use this year? I'll start by saying I didn't waste any. Used both my daughters & my last Ski VT. Pass this past week. I will say though...
  5. steamboat1

    MRV Forum

    It just started yesterday but I now get this warning when trying to go into the MRV forum. What's up? Reported Web Forgery! This web page at forums.skimrv.com has been reported as a web forgery and has been blocked based on your security preferences. Web forgeries are designed to trick you...
  6. steamboat1

    Plans for the coming week

    Driving up to VT. early Mon. morning. Meeting a few friends at K Mon. who are up this weekend & extending their stay an extra day. Tues. & Wed. I'll probably ski K also getting my daily pass price to well under $20, it's at $21 & change now. Driving back to NYC Wed. afternoon after skiing &...
  7. steamboat1

    K 2/10

    Heading up to Killington in the morning. Most likely ski there Wed. too. Thurs. will probably be Pico. Fri. sounds like it's going to be just to damn cold again.
  8. steamboat1

    2/4 k

    K in the morning. Pico with brother & nephew Thurs., K or Stowe Fri.:dontknow: Might be able to confince bro & nephew into Stowe Thurs. (council days).
  9. steamboat1

    Killington 1/14-16

    I'll be around Wed.-Fri. if anyones interested. My mom & pop are coming up too, 87 & 85 years old respectively. They won't be skiing unfortunately, wish they still could.
  10. steamboat1

    Standard Time

    How do I get the clock to turn back on this site. I'm on eastern time & set the automatic DSD setting but it's still an hour ahead.
  11. steamboat1

    Jack Bruce passes

    https://music.yahoo.com/news/cream-bassist-jack-bruce-dead-71-153400112-rolling-stone.html Sad to hear this. I had the good fortune of seeing him live several times over the years & have always been a fan. RIP Jack.
  12. steamboat1

    Round Top reopening

    http://www.newenglandskiindustry.com/viewstory.php?storyid=143 After four years of closure, the former Round Top ski area in Vermont is set to reopen as a private club named Plymouth Notch. http://www.newenglandskihistory.com/Vermont/bearcreek.php
  13. steamboat1

    Ski Area Walk-up lift ticket rates, 2014-15

    Killington $84 weekdays, $92 weekends & holidays.
  14. steamboat1

    Camelback Lodge & Indoor Water Park

  15. steamboat1

    South American Ski Season Officially Kicks Off!

  16. steamboat1

    Mountainside Condo's at Sugarbush fire

  17. steamboat1

    Stowe announces new Adventure Center, ice skating, underground parking

    http://www.stowetoday.com/stowe_reporter/news/article_caeaf4a6-843b-11e3-b3ec-001a4bcf887a.html We should hear more shortly because they're having a press conference today.
  18. steamboat1

    K 1/8, Mt. Ellen, 1/9, Stowe 1/10

    Left my house at 5am Wed. morning (1/8) & headed to K. Arrived at K about 10am & was on the slopes shortly after. Parking at the Skyeship base is awesome. Got a spot right near the base of the stairs leading to the lodge even at 10am. Skiing was pretty good with the great job they did grooming...
  19. steamboat1

    Taos Ski Valley to be sold

  20. steamboat1

    RIP Lou

    "Give me your hungry, your tired your poor I'll piss on 'em that's what the Statue of Bigotry says Your poor huddled masses, let's club 'em to death and get it over with and just dump 'em on the boulevard" RIP Lou http://youtu.be/7z3TPwOT31g