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  1. jimk

    behavior modifications post-covid

    How will your behavior change in the post-covid world, near term and long term? I'm speaking about skiing stuff, but also everyday life. Everyday stuff: I have discovered free grocery store curbside pick-up. There is a supermarket near me that will do your shopping for you for free. Just...
  2. jimk

    Congrats Pats

    Congrats Pats. On to the SuperBowl. Wow, what a Championship Sunday for the NFL. First time ever both games went to OT. Tom Brady =
  3. jimk

    New Posts button doesn't work

    Anybody else having problems with this feature? Everytime I try to use it I get a database error message?
  4. jimk

    Oldest and youngest ages for pass pulled by ski patrol?

    Oldest and youngest ages for pass pulled by ski patrol? A post in the bra tree thread made me think of this topic... I don't want to glamorize misbehavior or disparage ski patrollers (who I greatly respect for looking out for us), but it might be humorous to see who on AZ has had their pass...
  5. jimk

    2017-18 Western ski plans

    2017-18 Western ski plans. Don't want to offend the dedicated Eastern skiers here (hope you guys have a blast at Sugarloaf Mar 9-11), but it seems like there are a lot of folks on this board making trips to the West. Curious, anyone care to share their approximate western travel schedule...
  6. jimk

    Death of Retail?

    We've seen a lot of ski retailers go under in recent years. Seems like many regular, large retailers have or will soon go under. Death watch in 2017 includes Penney's, Sears, Men's Wearhouse/Jos A. Bank, Casual Male, and a bunch of women's wear shops. When/Where is this going to end? I'm...
  7. jimk

    How about those Pats!

    Incredible. I turned it off not long after half time. Fortunately I turned it back on late in 4th to see history being made. You guys in New England enjoy. You'll be telling your great grandchildren about this one.
  8. jimk

    Utah, late January 2017

    I skied six days last week (Jan 21-28, 2017) in Utah in the best snow conditions of my life; five days at Snowbird, one at Park City. Here are my five fav pics (and one vid) all from Snowbird days on the trip. Jan 22: A friend in trees off Gadzoom chair. Jan 24: My son in trees near Mach...
  9. jimk

    Your own "arguable list"

    Inspired by DLague's recent post. Anybody want to post their own arguable list of ski areas or list of other things relating to skiing/snowboarding? Five things, ten things, whatever. Here is mine. I like pretty much all ski areas including many popular and conventional ones. But then there...
  10. jimk

    abandoning facebook

    How many were heavy facebook users and now no longer log-in or log-in very little? Interesting post from slopefillers.com: http://www.slopefillers.com/social-media-usage-2/ Aimed at ski marketing types, but touches on a universal issue about excessive facebook time cutting into an...
  11. jimk

    Skiing/riding better than ever?

    Skiing better than ever? Curious, how many of you think you are skiing better than ever? As an older guy I definitely have NO ILLUSIONS about being over the hill. It's kind of maddening to have to stop and suck wind after only 100 yards of aggressive skiing. 50 if out west at altitude:-) I...
  12. jimk

    Difference between East and West skiing

    Don't want this to be same old "we're better than you because" thread. Outgrowth from Season in Review thread, looking for input from people who ski both East and West a lot, especially those who lived and skied in one region and moved to the other. What are some of the most noticeable...
  13. jimk

    Saw Trailboss today at Snowbird!

    Apr 3, 2016. Great guy. Shared a few runs with him and his buddy in Mineral Basin. Not Trailboss, but another friend and representative of fun day, Rasta Chutes off Little Cloud More recent pics from UT: http://www.epicski.com/t/146502/little-cottonwood-canyon-late-mar-early-apr-2016
  14. jimk

    Aspen with skiNEwhere, Feb 4-6, 2016

    Aspen with skiNEwhere, Feb 4-6, 2016 This report is a little bit late, but snow conditions are so great in CO that they should still be holding up very well a week later. Last week my son and I met up with skiNEwhere for three super days of skiing in Aspen, CO. It was mostly sunny during our...
  15. jimk

    @ Canaan Valley, WV 4 Winter Storm Jonas 1/22-24/20016

    The storm is underway as I make this first post at 12:15pm from Wild and Wonderful Canaan Valley, WV. ROCK AND ROLL, BABY! Area is in for 20” for sure, possibly 30” over the next 36 hours. It started snowing about 10:45AM today 1/22/16. It’s breezy and about 15 degrees on the slopes. I made...
  16. jimk

    four packs, good value?

    Slopefillers.com had a good analysis the other day on the value of four packs of lift tickets. We all know they are a good deal, but it's interesting to see it in the statistics. http://www.slopefillers.com/4-packs/ Basically, on average you have to ski about 16 days for a season pass to be a...
  17. jimk

    Good ski towns with more tourists in summer than winter

    Another thread about Taos made me curious about certain bargain ski towns around the Northeast and the rest of North America. I'm talking about places that are near excellent skiing, yet offer a good number of cheap motel rooms during winter season because they are even more popular as summer...
  18. jimk

    Your favorite teacher

    Summer thread for sure, meant for any teacher you ever had, kindergarten to PhD, but favorite ski instructor is good too:-P I studied under this guy in college, Dr. Gordon Prange: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_W._Prange He had seen Hitler speak as a grad student in Nazi Germany and...
  19. jimk

    Arapahoe Basin with SkiNEwhere 3/29/15

    I'm close to wrapping up a nine week western ski trip. It's been great. I've met with AZ member SkiNEwhere for several fun ski days. Yesterday (Palm Sunday) was a great one at Arapahoe Basin. Despite reports of a mediocre winter in CO, there is still some great skiing out here and the...
  20. jimk

    Vail, CO 2/10/15 including Prima Cornice

    Vail, CO 2/10/15 including Prima Cornice SkiNEwhere and I met up with another friend on 2/10/15 to ski Vail. Conditions were variable, but still pretty dang good. The three preceding days in CO were sunny and gorgeous, perhaps a little too gorgeous and when temps dropped on the night of the...