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    Jan 19/20, 2021, Bretton Woods

    Looks like a great time was had, thanks for posting. Cannon, Wildcat, and Bretton Woods are all on my list to ski one day. I've been to VT many times but haven't skied in NH yet.
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    Big Sky, MT 2/16/20-2/20/20

    Thanks for the advice. I'll just keep the plan I have since we are staying in Snowbird.
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    Big Sky, MT 2/16/20-2/20/20

    Yes we are driving up there too from SLC and plan on doing the Mountain Collective trek to Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole as well on the way back down. It looks like it is a 6.5 hour drive from SLC so we are breaking the drive up and will stay in Idaho Falls overnight which is about halfway to...
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    Big Sky, MT 2/16/20-2/20/20

    We are going there in February for the 1st time, your report is helpful.
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    I believe they originally wanted around 150 million for everything and will probably be lucky to get 50 or 60 mill when all is said and done. The other problem is the town, they are/where collecting real estate taxes based on a 200 mill valuation, a 60 mill re-assessment will lower annual real...
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    Vail has brought the price of skiing multiple resorts in one ski season substantially lower. I have never understood all of the hate? The company makes the majority of their revenue at Breckenridge, Vail, Whistler, and Park City. Every small resort on that pass is there to try and get people to...
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    New Years 2020 - Whiteface - Typical/Fun Conditions

    We were up there at the end of the summer and had a great time. It was crowded. Hiked Whiteface, can't wait to ski it one day! Thanks for the report.
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    Month long trip to Colorado......

    Looked nice driving through.
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    Month long trip to Colorado......

    For the most part we usually hang around the resort for dinner and drinks after a day of skiing so I don't often venture into neighboring towns unless I can walk there from the hotel, need to go there, or have never been to the area and want to check things out. I will say that in comparison to...
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    Month long trip to Colorado......

    So would you consider it a "crappy" town? We dropped our dog off in Silverthorne a number of times while we skied in the area and it looked somewhat lively to me but I have never stayed there......
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    Killington or whiteface for a beginner?

    My wife and son learned to ski at Killington. The snowshed and ramshead areas are great for beginners. Killington also has great instructors. Bromley is also another good suggestion although I didn't find the cost much different from Killington.
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    Month long trip to Colorado......

    Thanks Nick we had a great time! Utah is next......
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    Month long trip to Colorado......

    That is a nice town, so is Silverthorne nearby.
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    Month long trip to Colorado......

    Do you stay in Keystone when you ski ABasin?
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    Month long trip to Colorado......

    Yea I heard the Montezuma bowl was great, unfortunately that area was closed while we were there. Come to think of it, that blue in the Beavers is probably the steepest one I've ever skied, it should be rated a black. The Pali trees are awesome! They were the highlight of the day.
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    Month long trip to Colorado......

    Here is a photo of Prima (which is open) from our last day at Vail and the trip. Lot's of moguls!
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