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    Alta, No kids on powder day, 12/22, 12/25, 12/26, 1/5

    Still catching up processing photos and videos of the 18-day ski trip to the west. Here's Alta: 12/21 - This was the 7th day of the dry weather. So naturally, the condition is hard pack. Thanks to the amazing early season snow. The base is deep (~60") and almost everything is open. As this was...
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    Snowbird 12/20, 12/23 and 12/24 (a VERY eventful day)

    We just wrapped our first ski trip west. We spent 3 days at Snowbird. Salt Lake City had a dry week from 12/15 to 12/22. So by 12/20, which was our first day at Snowbird, the condition was not great, hard pack, wind scoured. But hey, it is not great by Utah standard. It was not bad at all by New...
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    Brighton, 12/19 and 12/21

    We just spent 2 days last week skiing at Brighton ski resort. Utah had a few feet of snow around December 15th but it had been try since then. Fortunately, the temperature has been cold and the snow was pretty well preserved. There were soft snow almost everywhere on 19th. It got a bit worse on...
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    Sunday River 11/28, 11/29, 12/1

    We skied on Thursday and Friday, and will ski again on Sunday. Thursday was really good. 4" of snow fell on Wednesday night made all upper mountain trails really good, including natural terrain like upper cut and locke line and some parts of goat path. The coverage were good. Racing team...
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    Where you are skiing during thanksgiving and weekend?

    It looks like snow in Maine/Jay and winter mix/rain elsewhere on wed/Thursday. Also windy on Thursday. Is it worth it to drive to Maine? What’s your plan?
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    Loon 11/24/2019

    Weather.gov forecasted 2-4" of snow, Loon's website called 4-8". Our first Powder day this season? Of course not, never trust Loon's website. But we are expecting some good condition. We started skiing at 8am, no crowds and we rode up the Gondola. Loon did a good job of making snow this early...
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    Killington 11/16-11/17/2019

    First days of the new ski season! Killington did a great job of making snow during the cold snap. As we drove towards to mountain, it is all covered in white like mid winter. With more cold days, they should be able open up more terrains quickly after the World Cup. It was bluebird days during...
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    My 8 year old decided to hike all 48 NH footers in about a year

    Have been posting in the skiing forum but first time posting here. We hiked quite a lot before having kids. After kids turn 4, we started to hike with them in easier trails every year. After a few hikes this summer, my 8 year old son is hooked. He decided to hike all NH 4000 footers before he...
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    Alta, Brighton, Solitude 3/23-3/27

    3/23 - Alta. 4” of snow before first chair. Being a Saturday, the mountain wasn’t crowded. We arrived at 8:15am and were able to park very close to the lodge. There was 5 minutes lift line at Collins in the morning but no line elsewhere. Took the first 3 runs off high traverse - race course...
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    The most recent Alta blog broke down skier traffic increases this year

    https://www.alta.com/blog/weighing-in-on-a-winter-filled-with-tons-of-snow-and-new-pass-products?/?utm_source=Inntopia&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=12070695 Very interesting and insightful data: While skier visits to Alta show a double-digit increase over last season, we are currently only 6%...
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    copper mountain 2/28-3/4

    Spent 5 days skiing at Copper Mountain at the beginning of March. We lucked out with the weather this trip - 4 feet of snow fell during our stay and we had 4 straight powder days. Needless to say we had a blast. The mountain has plenty of steep section that made the powder runs very run. In...
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    3/9 Stratton (first time impression)

    I’ve never been to Stratton before despite having Ikon pass. We had an event to attend at Manchester VT on Friday night so decided to check it out on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, blue bird, warm and no wind. We started at sun bowl around 9am, parking was easy and we started skiing around...
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    Sugarloaf 2/22-2/24

    This is our 2nd time ever to Sugarloaf. The first time was 3-day before new year. Last time it rained and froze, which was easily our worst ski trip of the season. So we were hoping for better luck this time. Our first day was Friday. It snowed 6 inches Wednesday night/Thursday morning and I...
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    Deer Valley 2/7-2/11

    This is our 2nd trip to SLC this season. We used most of the Alta/Snowbird/Brighton days on Ikon in our last trip, so decided to try Deer Valley this time. Expectation wasn't very high as it's know for it's grooming. But the reality was much better than expectation. First of all, we lucked out...