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    I think someone has this name, could be wrong. If so, this T would be perfect.
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    Alpine Zone Summit

    Trying to plan my winter getaways. Waiting/hoping to hear there will be a Summit this year. Any news?
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    AZ Summit

    Any new on when/if there will be a Summit this year?
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    Manmade -vs- Natural

    Is there a difference?
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    Attitash Adult Race League

    Attitash has an Adult Race League that starts on Tues, Jan 6 and runs for 9 weeks. The cost is $100 and includes all day all mountain access with après sponsored by Tuckerman's from 3:00 - 6:00. I am trying to get a team together. Looking for three more members. I have to admit, I pretty...
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    Monday Race League - Gunstock

    Gunstock is looking for new teams. Team Registrations is Fri, Dec 12th from 4 - 7pm. Great deal and lots of fun.
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    Ski Clubs

    I've been trying to find a ski club that is part of the Eastern Inter-Club Ski League that doesn't have high membership rates. Any suggestions? Not looking for accommodation, just the discounts. Any advice appreciated.
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    Looking for some advice

    Going to Killington next week for the first time. Any suggestions on best place to park? Plan to arrive early. Need to pick up tickets at either Ramshead or Snowshed. Best place for lunch? Any advice appreciated :-D