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    12/22 - Wachusett - Crowded Midweek Day

    I decided to hop in my car and go over to Wachusett thinking the crowds would be light given it's still a non holiday weekday. Well, I was wrong as the main lot was nearly at capacity, and ended up finding a spot in row 12 at 11:15 am. I was out between 11:30 am and 5 pm today. Lift lines at the...
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    12/20 - Wachusett

    I couldn't believe how crowded it was as traffic was backed up all the way down the access road to get in and so that took 30 minutes just to get through that last mile to get a spot in the main lot. By the time I booted up, I only had 2 hours left til closing bell as I was able to join the line...
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    Wachusett 11/27

    Pulled in around 12:30 pm and spent much of the day in Ollie's area helping the girlfriend learn how to ski. Thankfully the area had good coverage and while she was doing well in that area, she wasn't ready to move onto anywhere else. She then wanted to soak in the sights so I decided to take...
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    Cannon 1/10

    Did a day trip up to Cannon. It was very cold throughout the day with winds kicking up, especially once you get above most of the elevation gain on the Peabody quad, which is around post 14 or so of the lift. Snow was blowing everywhere, but a day on the mountain is better than a day at work...
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    Waterville 4/1 - April Fools Dollar Day

    I went to Waterville today and it was probably almost as best as spring skiing will get. Got ready and was on the slopes just in time for opening bell, and it was a busy one for sure as 80 people were in line for it. After a few firm and fast runs, the crowds started to pile in. Saw Chris Sununu...
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    Waterville 2/23/14

    Went to Waterville today. Was a combination of packed powder and frozen granular. Crowdwise, it was the slowest I've ever seen business at Waterville on a weekend. They probably did slightly more business than what I've seen them do vs the times I went midweek last year. It was a bit seemingly...
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    Stowe 2/8

    Went to Stowe today on a bus trip. It departed about 8 minutes late from Woburn but that was mostly because of the large amount of people boarding at that pickup point. Was a bit amazed how many buses were at Stowe today... 26 of them according to the parking attendant who greeted the bus...
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    Stowe 2/8

    Will be up there on a bus trip that will be pulling in at 8:55 am so I should be on the hill at 9:10 am. Shoot me a PM if you want to go. If you're from Eastern MA, I will be taking the Nacski bus. Tix are still available at $77, or $67 w/ promo code HAXNS if you haven't taken a trip with them...
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    Loon 2/1

    Took the bus to Loon for 2/1. Wanted to ski this weekend, and I only could go on Saturday, so I went with Nacski. Got picked up in Woburn at 6:20 am and had a smooth ride to the resort as they bus got there at 8:15 am. Now, here's where it really gets crazy: 3 other buses pull up and unloads...
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    Loon 2/1

    Took the bus to Loon for 2/1. Wanted to ski this weekend, and I only could go on Saturday, so I went with Nacski. Got picked up in Woburn at 6:20 am and had a smooth ride to the resort as they bus got there at 8:15 am. Now, here's where it really gets crazy: 3 other buses pull up and unloads...
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    Waterville 3/29

    Had a great day at Waterville today. Redeemed my last voucher that I had to ski the day. Strangely enough, I overheard a ticket counter person trying to say how the person she was serving should wait to redeem his half price coupon because of the small savings it has (only would yield him about...
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    Waterville 3/17

    Went to Waterville today and that's where the crowds were unfortunately with lift ticket window pricing being $17. Was about 60-70 people lined up for first chair which wasn't bad for being a Sunday but it then progressively got very crowded until 10 when the line for the quad was backed up to...
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    Waterville 2/15

    Had to come up on Friday as I had a good sense that the mountains would be very crowded this weekend (and possible windholds on Sunday to throw fuel to the fire), even considering it is a holiday weekend. Got to the mountain at 8:30 am and got ready to be in line a couple minutes before lifts...
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    Waterville 2/3

    Decided to go up to Waterville and meet a couple people from some skiing/outdoor adventure groups Meetup.com. I decided to cash in a voucher even though the window rate was $45 in honor of Superbowl Sunday. Looks like they were selling a reasonable amount of day tickets. Sunnyside triple was on...
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    Waterville Valley 1/27

    Got to the hill 25 minutes before opening and booted up just in time for opening. I was worried the quad may have been on hold as there was a sign up on the ticket counter, and all lifts from the base were spinning with the exception of White Peaks. I was going to make something of the day and...
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    $towe 1/7

    I couldn't resist going to Stowe seeing the amount of snowfall and the bus I saw going there today with paying $79 for the lift ticket and transportation. Got to Methuen to catch the bus at 6 to be there 15 minutes early and ended up getting a couple "midweek bus" donuts. Got to the hill around...
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    Looking at heading up to Waterville for the day between 1/7 and 1/11. Anyone up there?
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    Sunday River 12/30

    I went to Sunday River by bus today as my brother redeemed a groupon from last year (and he waited until the last possible trip). At least he got to use it even though we claimed 2 of the last 4 seats on the Wednesday before. They did have 5 no shows though as it supposed to be a sold out bus...
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    Loon 1/20; Sign up by midnight 1/3 for a special rate

    I'm leading a trip to Loon on 1/20 for those of us that live in Eastern MA. The cost is $68 for a round trip motorcoach bus ride plus full day lift ticket if registered by midnight 1/3; $85 after then. It is a 18+ event. We'll have some sort of combination of activities to encourage people to...
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    Wachusett 3/12

    Got over to Wachusett for the day session to redeem my voucher for buying 4 bags of Popchips. Got to the base at 8:30 and was a bit surprised that the lifts were not running yet. It turns out that they are not officially spinning them until 9 am midweek now as we are into spring hours, but it...