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    LV is back on the market

    Hot off the IG press. She single. No more Zuban. She living just down the road from me too these days. My hog probably doesn’t compare to Zuban but what ya gonna do. TMZ out.
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    Ikon Pass Refund

    Has anyone tried to get a refund on Ikon pass yet? Not defer to next season, but actually your money back? Nothing really worth skiing yet in Utah but now with more and more reservations needed and parking reservations, this is not gonna work. All weekends already full at most places, it’s...
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    Squaw Valley is now not racist

    I guess Squaw is racist. Bets on new name? My vote is Butthole Valley Second is Snowflake Valley Possible to just name in Bay Area Tourist Trap
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    Big Boulder/Peak Resorts loose $2.5m lawsuit

    https://www.law.com/thelegalintelligencer/2019/06/14/federal-jury-awards-injured-snowboarder-2-5m-in-lawsuit-against-ski-area/?slreturn=20190517200638 Lolz Gonna have to sell more Oxy to get the moneys back.
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    Hunter Spring Break! MTV

    Yo yo. Just wanted to give an update on first episode. Was somewhat lit. Bros and girls from Jersey and Cali (wtf...) get share house at the huntah. Drinking happens. Looks like they ski sometimes. There is a girl with some big tits. Some bro that is jacked. Some emotional army guy. And some...