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  1. Euler

    Magic Mtn VT . 3/8/19

    Made a quick trip to Magic this morning to get some fresh air and sunshine. I was one of only about 10 cars in the lot when I arrived at 8:45, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the main lot was full and there was a row of cars in Lot B when I left close to noon. I sampled: Wizard top to...
  2. Euler

    Black Mountain (NH) 2/2....Sunday River 2/3

    LOTS of snow in northern New England. Holy s$#t!!! I had an opportunity to meet my daughter at Sunday River yesterday for a ski day, so I took advantage of the Freedom Alliance part of my Magic pass and visited Black Mountain NH on the way up on Saturday. Black Mountain is a locals hill in...
  3. Euler

    Bolton Valley 3/15, 3/16

    Spent two half days at Bolton Valley this week enjoying the 4 feet of snow they've received in the past week. Afte the Nor'easter passed, the upslope machine kicked into high gear. I stayed in Barre where it really wasn't snowing either day and it was snowing HARD both days while I was up high...
  4. Euler

    Crowds at Bolton Valley?

    Southern VT looks like it might get wrecked w/ a flash freeze overnight Sat into Sun. On the other hand, farther north theres a good chance the mixed precip will change to full-on snow much easier. I'm thinking of scooting up to Bolton Valley to ski on Sunday if the conditions seem to warrant...
  5. Euler

    Magic Mountain 4/2/2017

    Wow, what a great spring day! Coverage was great on almost all trails, the few groomed trails on the east side were super fun, and the steep bumps on the west side were nice and soft and therefore mostly manageable by me:daffy: . Sorcerer was jus a bit too "chunky" and steep for me to ski...
  6. Euler

    Magic Mountain 2/19/17...A ski day like you dream about

    Finally got to hit up Magic this season...Had the awesome company of my 19 yr. old daughter who was home from college. I figured Magic was a good bet for avoiding the Presidents Weekend crowds, but also worried about the capacity of their lifts to handle the crowd they did get. We didn't hurry...
  7. Euler

    Seeking reports on MRG and/or Jay Peak

    Tomorrow I'm going to ski at either MRG or Jay. I'd rather go to MRG, but either of two things would send me to Jay: 1) IF MRG is really scratchy and technical, or 2) If Jay is experiencing a really great day tomorrow due to the Jay Cloud kicking up today and tonight. Anyone have any local...
  8. Euler

    Bromley 4/6/2014

    Spent the day at Bromley harvesting some sweet corn. It was Bromley's last day of operations for the season, skies were blue and temps topped out in the mid to upper 40s. It was warm enough to soften the snow, to ski in my hoodie, but not so warm that the snow got manky and rotten. I split...
  9. Euler

    Mad River Glen 3/24/2014

    Made the pilgrimage to MRG yesterday with my daughter. Lots of snow up there! Overall conditions were packed powder with a very few areas scraped off to hardpack/ice. Bumps are firm but totally edgable and skiable even by an intermediate level hack like myself! In short, conditions are...
  10. Euler

    Magic Mountain, VT 3/20/2014

    I awoke to an inch or two of gloppy, wet snow in Putney, foggy, low clouds, and a weather forecast that called for a chance of drizzle at Magic throughout the day. I almost bagged the idea of skiing, but finally my good sense took over and I figured that for the Throwback Thursday price of $15...
  11. Euler

    Mount Snow, Vt 3/19/2014

    Spent from 11-4 at Mount Snow with my kids. We expected conditions to be marginal, and they were. The day was cold and overcast, never getting above freezing, this, coming after Monday and Tuesdays warmer, sunnier temps led to some serious hard pack, boilerplate and ice. On a lark, I...
  12. Euler

    Lift Evac at Mt. snow

    Just saw this via Facebook...any firsthand reports? Gonna suck for the Mt. if they cant get it running by St. Paddy's Day they get a HUGE $17 crowd IIRC. Bluebird Express Harness Evacuation 03/15/2014 – West Dover On Saturday, March 15 the Bluebird Express lift experienced a mechanical...
  13. Euler

    Pico/Killington 3/13/2014

    My daughter and I continued our two day storm skiing extravaganza by skiing Pico in the AM and Killington again in the PM. Pico had been closed Weds during the storm so was untouched except for the "earn your turns" few on Thursday morn. As expected when we arrived only the lower mt. lift was...
  14. Euler

    Killington 3/12/2014

    I worked hard to get this impromptu ski trip with my daughter to work out, and work out it did. After plans to go to Sugarbush fell through, I was able to get us to Rutland to stay with a buddy there. On the drive up it was raining in Putney at 6:45, sleeting/mixing in Chester, and by the time...
  15. Euler

    Bromley 3/3/2014

    Forget $50,000+ to ski Haystack/Hermitage, just find places like Bromley and ski them midweek! Spent 10-2 doing nearly every trail on the mountain. I was solo but wanted to use a BOGO I had... couldn't because at 9:30 no on else was buying day passes...wound up purchasing one of the Spring...
  16. Euler

    Mount Snow 2/19

    Spent a magnificent 2 hours sampling the sweet tree skiing at mt. Snow. Found lots of tracked out glades, and lots of areas with good sections of shin deep powder. We hit up the trees between ridge and uncles, the area skiers left of Olympic and the area skiers left of one more time. All were...
  17. Euler

    Slaying my front yard

    Had family visiting this weekend which gave me a good excuse to avoid the crowds at the resorts. Took my XCD skis up and down the mighty Putney Mountain, then finished with a couple of powder farming laps on the hillside across the street from my apartment. Had a blast!
  18. Euler

    Mount Snow 2/12/14

    Did not disappoint!!! Only had two hours ...skied Snowdance, Upper Ledge, Beartrap (X4), Jaws, and One More Time. Jaws was saweet!!! Already skiing nicely, and after tonight's storm will be unbelievable!! Beartrap is in the best shape of the season. They mowed down the sh*tty seeded bumps...
  19. Euler

    Olympic Womens Slopestyle - SPOILER ALERT

    Devin Logan, a local girl from West Dover VT who trained at Mt. Snow Academy won the Silver in Womens' Ski Slopestyle this morning!! I was her math teacher at Twin Valley High School for a few years and I'm super proud of her hard work! Go D-LO!!
  20. Euler

    Mount Snow 2/9/2014

    Spent 9:30-4:00 at Mt. Snow. I was pleasantly surprised by the blue sky and sunshine which was not in the forecast. The day was divided into three 2 hour chunks. Spent the morning showing some friends many of the natural snow blue suqares. We skied Hop, Shootout, Big Dipper, and Uncles...