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  1. Pico Mountain - 03.10.2012

    Pico Mountain - 03.10.2012

  2. 24 Hours of Great Glen 2011

    24 Hours of Great Glen 2011

  3. Sugarloaf 2010

    Sugarloaf 2010

    AZ Summit 2010
  4. Trumbull Trails

    Trumbull Trails

  5. WoodCore

    Vermont U8 Ski Race Programs - Recommendations?

    I would concur with this suggestion. Having coached for many years in Southern New England (20+) many of these small areas have great programs and offer outstanding coaching. IMHO opinion and it is bias (grew up racing at a CT area) the smaller local areas, especially at an early age provide...
  6. WoodCore

    Globalization, COVID-19 and skiing

    Actually enjoying the politics of this thread, from both sides! No matter our political affiliation or viewpoint, the key to making our great country work is communication. We need to have lots of it, especially comunication without accusatory back and forth between viewpoints. In the words of...
  7. WoodCore

    Who Has Bought Their 20/21 Pass Already?

    Bought an Ikon pass this week.
  8. WoodCore

    Killin' time watching ski vids

    Throwback Thursday movie, a classic...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqQ0Y-3RQ1I
  9. WoodCore

    What's up with Maple Valley?

    Act 250 permit just submitted. https://anrweb.vt.gov/ANR/vtANR/Act250SearchResults.aspx?Num=2W0724-2
  10. WoodCore

    Best Base Area Bars

    Call me crazy but always enjoyed my time at Bousquet's Tamarack Lounge. Ski Bum/local vibe with an urban/blue collar flavor. Beer selection is decent and you can order "Fry The Freezer."
  11. WoodCore

    Best Base Area Bars

    Tom's Loft at Okemo
  12. WoodCore

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    I'll go out on a limb and say that the Black Quad will spin this year! As long as the drive gets picked this week and the comm line is on site ready for install, it's completely possible it could spin by Presidents week. Magic does seem to get hit by bad luck when it comes to lift installs so I...
  13. WoodCore

    Three Property Owners to Bar Mountain Bikers from Using their Land in Kingdom Trails

    Disappointing but not the end of the world. As a member of the board that oversees a large trail MTB network here in Southern NE, I've come accustomed to losing access to trail sections for various reason. Do I like it, hell no but it's just a fact of life. Best not to focus on what was but...
  14. WoodCore

    Bad ski tune

    Not a critical part of the ski, you should be fine. Might slightly alter the aerodynamics though.... :snow:
  15. WoodCore

    WF lodge destroyed by fire

    Sad to see this lodge go as I've enjoyed it's company on numerous occasions in the past. Regardless, although it was a great spot to warm up on a cold day, by no means was it the lifeblood of the mountain. It will be re-built bigger and better, maybe not this season but next for sure.