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  1. riverc0il

    Smuggs Sunday 03/14/2013

    I was up at Smuggs today the 13th. Very good. Amazing coverage. Upper mountain trails excellent, mid-mountain good, lower mountain a bit funky/crusty. They opened Liftline at noon (except the steepest middle pitch) which was great and I was in the trees most of the day, surprised by what was...
  2. riverc0il

    Free Skiing at Whaleback Thursday Night 4pm-8pm

    According to their website: http://www.whaleback.com/snow-report.html Pretty cool. I just skied Whaleback for the first time on Saturday and totally dig the place.
  3. riverc0il

    Stinky Street at Cannon

    Where in bloody hell is this supposed "new trail"? It is on the trail report, I don't remember seeing that one before. It isn't on the map yet as far as I can tell.
  4. riverc0il

    Killington: 11/05/12

    Anyone else going? Shooting for 9am at the lodge. Do the twofer coupons work despite the price only being $39? Crap, 11/05/2012. Can a mod fix that?
  5. riverc0il

    Hyundai Caught for False MPG Claims

    http://blogs.wsj.com/drivers-seat/2012/11/02/hyundai-mpg-debacle-can-you-trust-the-fuel-economy-sticker/ The fact that Hyundai's 40 MPG marketing campaign, specifically with the Elantra, was a complete hoax is not news for anyone that has researched the car. But it is nice to see them caught...
  6. riverc0il

    Jay Peak Drops Lift Ticket Prices

    http://www.boston.com/travel/explorene/specials/ski/blog/2012/10/jay_peak_drops.html Wow! :-o I was rather indifferent to the waterpark before. It is starting to grow on me. :beer:
  7. riverc0il

    Road/Dirt Mixed Riding

    Who rides both road and dirt on their road bike? Looking for your experiences and your thoughts. During my rides, I've noticed a lot of dirt roads shooting off the main drags. On more than one occasion, I've mapped out a ride over a hill only to find the pavement ends where the climbing begins...
  8. riverc0il

    AZ Non-Homer Crew

    Let's do it. Who is an equal opportunity critic; not afraid to critically lay into their home hill? Who calls it 100% as they see it and never fluffs or over hypes their favorite mountains. Who has a hard time writing 100% positively about their favorite place without some form of criticism and...
  9. riverc0il

    MRG "Lines" at Noon Today

    Ski on pretty much all day long. My longest wait was three minutes for the 10am morning "rush". On a weekend with 44/45 trails open. I found 6" of untracked powder in off map trees (which isn't representative but there was still much to mine...). Temps in the low 20s, no wind, and bluebird...
  10. riverc0il

    Killington Friday 11/11/11

    Anyone interested? I got a twofer one coupon. Would prefer to meet up and split it with someone from AZ versus asking around at the lodge. My only requirement for meeting up is being in line for first chair, I'm not going to wait around. Planning to get in, get some runs, and get out once it...
  11. riverc0il

    FS - Fischer Watea 101 182 New (Maybe)

    Floating this out there for interest... I picked a pair of Brand New Watea 101 182cm last summer on a pretty good deal thinking that I was going to switch up the quiver. Unfortunately, I let my inner gear whore get the best of me. At the earliest, I can't see changing up my line up until...
  12. riverc0il

    Sr 11/05/11

    Wow, where was everyone this morning! :beer: Between Killington being open and folks still without power, Sunday River was damn near empty this morning. 8am start helps too unlike K's 9am. Skied a baker's dozen worth of runs. I originally planned for half dozen at most before the lines and...
  13. riverc0il

    MRG Work Day: 09/17/2011

    Heading over to MRG tomorrow to do my part. Any one else going? http://www.treeskier.com/mrg/index.html
  14. riverc0il

    Will Auto Makers Ever Deliver the Ideal Ski Vehicle?

    "Ideal" is different things to different people. But for skiers, we know some facts that should generally translate into ideals. Skiers tend to drive long distances in the winter and often through the snow. Skiers tend to have varying amounts of gear depending upon number of people and quiver...
  15. riverc0il

    RiverC0il Goes for a Test Drive: CT 200h, JSW TDI, Mazda3, & Elantra

    I figured I should stop hijacking the Impreza 2012 thread and get my own. :D It is difficult finding an ideal vehicle to meet all aspects of life including skiing. I suspect I am not alone in that boat. The ideal ski vehicle has yet to be designed. Much like buying a pair of skis, there is...
  16. riverc0il

    In Praise of Quality Pedals

    This season I upgraded my road pedals from cheapo VP R61 that came with my bike to Ultegra PD-6700 pedals. Holy crap, what a difference! :o Starting out, it was kinda hard to stomach all the extras involved. Since I got free pedals with my bike, I didn't even think twice about not upgrading. Big...
  17. riverc0il

    Whiteface & Gore: 04/09 & 04/10

    My first time skiing in New York and I couldn't have picked a better weekend! Full Reportage
  18. riverc0il

    Burke: Sunday 02/27/2011

    I'm basing out of the base lodge as I need to get my ticket at guest services. I'll beat the HSQ for 9am and at the Willoughby Quad shortly thereafter. Trees, trees, trees, trees, trees.....