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  1. Cornhead

    Platty. Info directions ..( end thread.hyjacking in Bell trip report

    This, if you were to actually contract Covid from a ski lift que, I'd be surprised. Other essential activities seem much more dangerous to me, working, grocery shopping, soliciting a prostitute.😁
  2. Cornhead

    01/20/21 Snow Ridge

    It's been quite busy at work lately, but an unexpected dry spell hit yesterday afternoon. Luckily it coincided with a snowy spell in Turin NY. It's been a couple years since I've skied Snow Ridge. Lake effect snow just ain't what it used to be. He'll, even Erie produced lake snow from this...
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  9. Cornhead

    Lost skin!

    Half of the Bolton Valley Skin Team?
  10. Cornhead

    Where is the snow

    I feel your pain, I missed the one powder day this year at my local hill because there was 41" on my street. I couldn't escape my house for 2 days. I'm convinced lake effect from Erie and Ontario has decreased significantly over the last couple years. I enjoyed posting TR's from northern NY...
  11. Cornhead

    Killington or whiteface for a beginner?

    I don't know, there is a separate beginner's area and lift, and lodge at WF. I never knew was there, Bearden. The only reason I even know about it is because my son and I accidentally skied to it one day. It is quite removed from the main base. That, imo, is a good thing, the last thing you need...
  12. Cornhead


    My teacher asked the class, if you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you want to be? I said, a 20 foot tapeworm in your colon. Emo Philips
  13. Cornhead

    Killington or whiteface for a beginner?

    If you're in Syracuse, why not try Song, Toggenburg, or Labrador? They're all pretty mellow and seem like good places for an almost never.
  14. Cornhead


    Bicknell's Thrush
  15. Cornhead

    What’s going on at Greek Peak?

    Yeah, I missed the one powder day this year, 16" at Greek, 41" in my driveway. I had it blown in time for first chair, plow took a couple days to hit my street. We could really use another dump, lapping the same four trails gets old fast. But I must say those four trails have been maintained...
  16. Cornhead

    What’s going on at Greek Peak?

    It's not 1,000 ft vert, 970 I think is what they claim, but I'm dubious even that is accurate. It's a pretty good hill when 100% open. Jim G was lucky to have his first time such. When the woods are in play, its a pretty good little mountain. When chair 5 is open, season pass holders can park...
  17. Cornhead

    End of paper trail maps?

    Along the same lines, glad I started skiing in VT pre GPS/smartphones. The visitor center had great free road maps of VT. It was fun to pour over them and plot out where to go. It seems with progress something is always lost. When I stop by my brother's house after work he always watches the...
  18. Cornhead

    Skiing..helping or hurting

    It certainly has been a strange year. The strange has extended to the ski season. I've never missed a powder day because I couldn't get out of my driveway before. Say hello to 2020. Ironically I skied exclusively in NY last season because I planned a trip to CO in March. Well that trip was...
  19. Cornhead

    A flatlander storm Wednesday?

    The mighty Susquehanna has spared us...this time. 41" of snowmelt combined with I'm guessing 3" of rain has swollen the river to near flooding. We were flooded in 2006, and again in 2011, but both were in warm weather months. If the river flooded this time we'd have been in a world of hurt. Hot...
  20. Cornhead

    Does it always piss hot rain right before or on Christmas in eastern ski country or does if just seem that way?

    I've skied on Christmas day, I think in the afternoon after morning gift exchanging. I noticed an Asian slant to the demographic that day. They used to do bring a can of food ski for free on Christmas Eve. Very entertaining chairlift rides, yard sales galore.