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  1. JD


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  3. JD


    Wow has central VT recovered. Went to the back side of Killington today for a sure thing. Wanted some turns after tunneling around in the underbrush on my last 3 days out. This area does not disappoint. Long open birch gardens feed into very strokable maple and beech. The Gullies at the...
  4. JD

    Write Music?

    Anyone? I like writting tunes about things in my life like my Dog, Skiing, Summer. This on I just wrote about skiing.... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/BRXNkHX-lHw&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  5. JD

    8"-10" overnight for J

    That is all.
  6. JD

    Nvtbc 1-30-10

    Some debate as to where to head today, we ended up going back to a recently discovered zone near Stowe. It was cold. 10 below when the three of us loaded up in the car in Hyde Park. Driving over we were drooling over the cream drifts evident along the road side hugging every boulder. When we...
  7. JD

    Stowe 1-29-10

  8. JD

    High on Mansfield

  9. JD

    Norwich 1/20/10

  10. JD

    Vtbc 1-11-10

  11. JD

    Vtbc 1-10-10

  12. JD


    Since I don't have permission to post this is the correct forum, I'll put it here. As nice as the Magic Video was, is it cool to have videos produced BY a resort to be in the Ski/snowboard forum (or the trip reposts forum). Kind of like a commercial...well, it actually is a commercial...
  13. JD

    Cvtbc 1/6/10

  14. JD

    Opposite Day..

    I know this should be in the weather forum, but I think it transcends that specification...look at how with this eastern wind, the other side of the green is getting it for a change. Just talked to a friend who says at least 18 in middlebury and still pounding, in Northfield...5ish and not...
  15. JD

    First BC ski....

    Leaving now.....it's a winter wonderland out there.....Middlebury woke up to 3 fresh....on top of a solid, all be it a little shallow, base...still snowing...going skinning with the hatchets....open up some soft wood lanes a bit....maybe ski some epic birch.....me=excited.