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  1. rocojerry

    2018/2019 Historic radar rain/snow line

    missed a few days/storms, but i'll update this as November rolls in... game on! Up to Nov 18th: https://youtu.be/Iqohm8wMhns
  2. rocojerry

    AlpineZone Summit 9.0 - Trip Report

    Friday-- this space intentionally left white Sat-- ok, so i didn't make it up friday like I had dreamed of... i'll let Brian and some others tell us all how great of a pow day it was... I started off sat with sloppy seconds -- it was still delicious. We left boston around...
  3. rocojerry

    Historic rain/snow line

    What do folks use to look back at a storm and see where the rain/snow line was? I have my own methods.. just wondering what others use aside from live radar every hour... planning to be up in northern VT this weekend if anyone else is up give me a shout!
  4. rocojerry

    Sugarbush - Lincoln 1/21, Ellen 1/22

    Damn I forgot how much I love this place. After spending the start of my season at bunny hills close to home, it was time to get out to a real mtn. got up late Friday night, checked into the inn and headed down to the Hyde Away for some local vt craft tasting... conehead IPA was the beer of...
  5. rocojerry

    Blue hills 1/8

    after a few days in the house with sick kids -- i needed to get out for a few hours and get some fresh air.. got to the hill before lifts were turning, figured i would start to hike up the hiking trail... took a right turn and intersected with the trail ski'ers right... it was relatively...
  6. rocojerry

    Sunday River 5/2

    First day skiing in May for me tmrw at Sunday River. Tickets are free to all that show up. Cya on the hill or in the lot.
  7. rocojerry

    Sunday River - 2/23/15

    2/23/15 got a nice early start at Sunday River on Monday-- headed up the Chondola and over to Spruce for some warmup groomers (Risky Business and American Express) both provided excellent perfect courdoroy for my morning commute bombing down the mountain before any other souls were on the...
  8. rocojerry

    Sugarbush - Mt Ellen 12/19

    The clouds on the summit and mountain finally lifted a bit in the afternoon for a few shots above the clouds.... Dabbled in the glades a bit, some things still lurk below -- but the mountain looks great all around... my brother chris slaying the pow-pow the north chair, collecting base...
  9. rocojerry

    give me your best historical radar links :)

    i started playing with this idea last winter, and took it a bit further this last storm... but what are the best sources for historical time lapse radar that you have found? at first i just knew about the last 3 hours radar images...
  10. rocojerry

    tune up and wax em, better than last time

    sat down on my couch last night, after some enjoyable 1-on-1 time with my snowboard... a nice new wax... i started to youtube and lookup tuning equipment and tutorials, see what i may have done 'wrong' or could have done better.... learned a few tricks that are good for newbies... -use...
  11. rocojerry

    How cheap can you ski?

    What is your target $ per day (or year)/ actual $ per day / total days Basically, who is the cheapest skier on alpinezone, assuming it's someone with a pass to a smaller mtn with a lot of days, but if someone can pull this off by mastering the free/cheap skiing game, props. I'm guessing 40$ /...
  12. rocojerry

    Excited to try out my new gear this year

    Anything new this year that you are looking forward to trying out? I picked up some new goggles with blue/clear lenses (i've always used red/orange in the past)... wondering if i'll need to get a red/orange/yellow or should be able to get by with blue or clear most days... Spy Doom goggles...
  13. rocojerry

    First Day on Snow this year - where/when?

    Probably weekend before turkey for me, maybe up at sunday river? 11/21-3? http://www.sundayriver.com/events-and-activities/events-calendar/tin-mountain-roundup
  14. rocojerry

    Magic 2/15

    top secret stashes, aka anywhere at Magic in the trees! Hit most of the favorite trails, but was often tempted into the woods- First time at Magic this year. Brought along an Okemo guy that may have converted religions after this fest.
  15. rocojerry

    Stowe - 3/10/13

    Date(s) Skied: 3/10/13 Resort or Ski Area: Stowe Conditions: Firm to start, softening up later than expected Trip Report: good morning view towards the gondola and mansfield bumps under the fourunner Haven't been to stowe in a while, good to reacquaint myself with the mountain and...
  16. rocojerry

    Smugglers Notch - 3/9/13

    Date(s) Skied: 3/9/13 Resort or Ski Area: Smugglers Notch Conditions: Firm to start, softening up nicely Trip Report: Nice view of Stowe through the trees and another Had a local tour of Smuggs and found some goods. Another really nice day, with temps supposedly warming up but the...
  17. rocojerry

    Sugarbush - 3/8/13

    Date(s) Skied: 3/8/13 Resort or Ski Area: Sugarbush Conditions: Fast. Packed Pow, winter conditions, great coverage. Trip Report: I think near top of Bravo lift Between two anonymous trails Somewhere off of castlerock Had a warren miller freebie to use or lose, so took a friday...
  18. rocojerry

    Thanks for the trip reports

    This thread doesnt go here, but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who put up at TR... its a lot more fun to check em all out when theres a bunch of mountains reported! -jerry
  19. rocojerry

    Loon - 1/27/13

    Date(s) Skied: 1/27/13 Resort or Ski Area: Loon Mountain Conditions: Fast. Edgeable. Trip Report: Saw the contrast of Burke the day before, wow. Loon is pretty much 95% open.... cold again, kept the crowds light... I was amazed at how well each trail was covered and had a blast on...
  20. rocojerry

    Burke - 1/26/13

    Date(s) Skied: 1/26/13 Resort or Ski Area: Burke Conditions: Fast Trip Report: It was cold today. -3 as we started the day, may have warmed up to balmy 7 degrees in the sun. No wind. They had about 20/40 trails open, feeling about like 10 top to bottom.... no lines all day, there...