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  1. snoseek

    Midweek skiing at mega pass resorts

    Midweek skiers can you tell me if your local hill has changed volume wise. I realize weekends and holidays are a shitshow but I mostly ski midweek and would be skiing smaller areas on the few times I did go weekends. I really like chill midweek skiing. Has wildcat stayed mostly the same? How...
  2. snoseek

    staying back east for one winter maybe?

    So some folks I sorta like are opening a business and need some help and I'm considering giving them one year to get started. It sounds interesting and I'd be off sun/Mon/tues most weeks. I might do this vs going back to Tahoe. Next year I would go to Utah and start fresh. Anyhow I'm looking...
  3. snoseek

    TR: Shoulder season, multiple locations. spring-15

    Yup, things just didn't go our way out in the Sierra. Winter just never came. Multiple weeks in winter of low snow and brilliant sunshine made for a spiritually, emotionally and financially difficult winter. People started dropping after presidents weekend and by Late March it was just a handful...
  4. snoseek

    TR: The past few months...coast to coast. MTB stoke.

    Yes, I Forced myself to relearn how to post pics here so lets do this. Im starting this display of fuckery somewhere back about late summer, back when I had no idea where or when I was going in the fall. For many years my summers were a sufferfest, trying to hustle money to get through the...
  5. snoseek

    a seperate politics subforum??Can we?

    First off I ave one key broken on my keyboard....its tat one lol. Lately it seems like a lot of politics on ski/snowboard. I do not login in to be enlightened on political beliefs....its super lame, you've got your ideas...I got mine. No one is going to give anyone a cookie and no one is going...
  6. snoseek

    Killington 4/25?

    Weather looks like its the better pick towards the end of the week. I think I'm making the drive if anyones up and wants to make some turns.
  7. snoseek

    Free day 4/21 @ SR

    Anyone? It's free and the forecast looks damn near perfect
  8. snoseek

    Any idea why I can't hit make paragraphs?

    Weird, haven't been able to hit enter to start a new line/paragraph for quite some time. Also haven't been able to post any pictures. How am I supposed to post long winded rants on here? Is it my techtardation or something with the site?
  9. snoseek

    Some news from the Kingdom

    http://vtdigger.org/2013/12/18/burke-resort-cuts-ties-mountain-biking-trails-network/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=t.co Sounds like a bit of a struggle up there with the new brass. Hope they figure out a way to make things work.
  10. snoseek

    Got any big trips lined up for 2013/14?

    Where ya going? Utah, BC, Europe, Colorado?
  11. snoseek

    What is different about uploading pictures? Why does this seem impossible.

    I'll fully admit im techtarded but seriously, for years I posted lots of stoke on here...now I can't even figure out how to upload pics. There's no way this is the same. I used to be able to create and album, upload like five pics at a whack and it was less than five minutes. Now its just...
  12. snoseek

    Saddleback 3/20

    Wow, I'm speechless. I'll post some pics and a quick writeup later but a couple feet of blower and light crowds. I'm posting this now to tell you to get your asses up there, SOOOOO good right now. I drive on.....
  13. snoseek

    Anyone else want this snow gone?

    I'm doing a little rain dance right now, it seems to be working. Got back from Tahoe last week to a considerable amount of snow...got here too early. I want this snow gone, I want to ride asap. A little snow in the mtns would be ok but this southern ne shit needs to melt and dry. Soon enough...
  14. snoseek

    Anywhere gonna release a spring pass?

    So I took off for winter in October, went to the desert and rode mtb for a month. I haven't worked or drawn pay since October 17. With that said I need to get back early, maybe mid-late March, get the bank account back in check. So what I'm wondering is are any of the resorts gonna release a...
  15. snoseek

    SR Sun 4/15....

    Free ski day. I'm leaving Tahoe tomorrow or the next day and want to close it out where it all started last October. Who's gonna be there?
  16. snoseek

    Johnny Mosely...Really?

    So here I am eating my dinner and looking up weather and I hear his voice on the TV. He's hosting a cheesy reality show on MTV, My roomates daughter loves this show, me notso much!!! Anyway I did a double take. Here's the link to the masterpiece...youtube search...
  17. snoseek

    Kirkwood 2/13/12 About F$%$ing Time!!!

    We had a dump of thick heavy stuff that laid down a decent base two or three weeks back. Honestly its been an impossible year out here in Tahoe. I've spent the better part of the last three weeks in Utah. But today was all about redemption. A foot when I arrived in the AM, no wind, maybe 7...
  18. snoseek

    Why I'm glad I bought a pass to Heavenly...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF29I3tSLSs dF29I3tSLSs I'vebeen watching this go downfor over a week now. Things are desperate here in Tahoe and Vail resorts, love them or hate them, have done absolutely everything they can at Heavenly/Northstar to provide a decent experience. This piece of...
  19. snoseek

    pre-booking ski vacations

    This winter is a great example of why I think prebooking is not always a great idea. Why do so many insist slapping down a deposit in September? So 10-15 percent is saved through the resort? If you go around the resort you can likely save that money all by yourself and have more freedom to check...
  20. snoseek


    http://www.skiloveland.com/snowmaking/ And this: http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=39.697677506516285&lon=-105.908203125&site=bou&unit=0&lg=en&FcstType=text Long ways from here but you no what often comes next. :snow: