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  1. RootDKJ

    Nice try Killington...

    I traveled to Killington for the opening convert in their "Cooler in the Mountain" concert series. I hiked to Killington peak in the morning, and headed over to the Umbrella bar around 2:45 to get some beer and food before the Long Trail sponsored event started. I wanted to take my meal back...
  2. RootDKJ

    Enhancement Suggestions

    Hi Nick, Would it be possible to suppress the "Deal of the Day" posts from the New Posts listings? Instead of a link to an image, how about just showing the image? You Tube/Vimeo is the opposite. I can't see those at all, so there a link would be helpful. Is there a way to attach an image...
  3. RootDKJ

    last great thing in ski technology

    SRO's thread on new ski technology got me thinking about ski technology that used to be cutting edge, but has seen it's time come and go. I can't think of any specific examples, but I this might be a fun thread idea.
  4. RootDKJ

    TR: Smoked and Grilled

    So I got a new grill, and decided to spend my long weekend getting to know it better. On the menu for this thread are: Brined Grilled Pork Tenderloin Sausage Smoke-off Beer Can Chicken ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brined...
  5. RootDKJ

    The Clymb

    Is anyone on here a member of The Clymb (www.theclymb.com)? How are the deals on there? Can anyone throw me an invite? Thanks Root
  6. RootDKJ

    Beginner Women's Snowboard Equipment

    I'm looking to get ms root a beginner snowboard setup, but I'm a little out of my depth here. She's taken exactly 1 lesson and loved it. The game plan is to get her some gear that she can use to progress on (and take more lessons). We're not big fans of daily rentals. She wants to spend...
  7. RootDKJ

    Talk to me about Cross-Country Skiing

    I'm thinking about picking up some cross-country skis for next winter. There's some pretty good trails in the local woods near my home, that I know get some (but not much) use. What do I need to know? I'm guessing that any outerwear I use for alpine would be acceptable for cross-country but...
  8. RootDKJ

    Blue Mountain Has Favorite Terrain Park In Mid Atlantic

    Way to go Blue! :daffy::beer::spread: http://www.onthesnow.com/news/a/17111/blue-mountain-has-favorite-terrain-park-in-mid-atlantic-for-onthesnow-visitors?classic_site=1 I heard a lot more people on the lifts this season rave over Blue's parks. Park Crew really stepped up their game and it...
  9. RootDKJ

    Hunter 3/27

    Date(s) Skied: March 27, 2011 Resort or Ski Area: Hunter Mountain Conditions: Firm and sunny Trip Report: Here's some pics of Hunter from Sunday. Met up with Justo and Rose from the PASR Blue Crew and had a great day in the sun skiing with them. Hunter is a fun mountain, especially in the...
  10. RootDKJ

    Camelback 3/25/11

    Date(s) Skied: March 25, 2011 Resort or Ski Area: Camelback Conditions: Bluebird, Packed powder, some death cookies Trip Report: After reading that Camelback got 18" of snow the day earlier, Toast and I decided we'd meet up there for some AM turns. After a quick Long Trail Pollenator in the...
  11. RootDKJ

    Hunter 3/27 - Any passholder day

    I'm headed to Hunter on Sunday. I should be meeting up with some of the PASR/Blue Crew regulars. Anyone else going to be around?
  12. RootDKJ

    Plattekill 3/18 - Free Facebook day!

    Date(s) Skied: March 18, 2011 Resort or Ski Area: Plattekill Conditions: Spring Trip Report: As the thread title states, I headed up to Plattekill for their Facebook Fans ski free day. Plattekill is a fun little place and there's virtually no runouts. I made surprisingly good time at 2:33...
  13. RootDKJ

    New Planet?

    Welcome to the 'Hood Tyche http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/02/15/a-nine-planet-solar-system-once-more-nasa-telescope-may-reveal-new-planet-tyche/ It's w-a-y out there. http://www.independent.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00555/tyche3_555342a.pdf
  14. RootDKJ

    Elk Mountain 2/6

    Date(s) Skied: Feb 6 2011 Resort or Ski Area: Elk Mountain Conditions: Firm and fast. Softened up in the afternoon. Trip Report: At a street fair in October, I had entered my name in a contest for a free ski trip with the Watchung Area Ski Club. Well I won, and I decided that I'd go with...
  15. RootDKJ


    Does anyone have a Balaclava that they really love? I'm using the Seirus Combo Clava. It's just ok. It does keep my face warm, but retains a lot of breath moisture. It also stinks in there. I got to thinking that Seirus has basically been using the same design/fabrics since the late 80's...
  16. RootDKJ

    Blue Mountain Ski Area 1/27

    Date(s) Skied: 1/27/11 Resort or Ski Area: Blue Mountain Ski Area Conditions: Top 10 day at Blue. Powder, Fresh cord, nice packed powder. Bluebird. Trip Report: After waking up to find 18" of white goodness in my front yard, I got all excited for a spectacular day at Blue...and I wasn't...
  17. RootDKJ

    Taco Bell sued...not "real" food

    Personally, I don't ever touch the stuff. :puke: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE70O6L420110125
  18. RootDKJ

    Stowe Mountain Resort 1/18/11

    Date(s): Jan 18, 2011 Resort or Ski Area: Stowe Conditions: Variable, in a good way Trip Report: Started the day off on Spruce Peak. Trails with snowmaking have great coverage, natural trails are just a little scratchy in spots, but enjoyable enough. After lunch, I decided to head over to...
  19. RootDKJ

    Cargo Box Positioning?

    I just picked up a Thule Ascent 1600 Cargo box. I'm not sure if this is too far forward or not? I could move it back some with out hitting the tailgate, but then I'd be covering the antenna and that can't be good for the Sirius reception. From the front, it looks ok, but from the side it...
  20. RootDKJ

    Ny 12/31-1/1

    We just found out that we're heading up to the Catskills for New Years. Got a really nice deal at the Bavarian Manor in Purling. I realize that discounted lift tickets aren't going to be all that great. Potter Bros looks like my best option. I am thinking about going to Hunter on Friday...