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  1. wa-loaf

    Crazy weather in the Alps!

    This is in french, but the pics and video speaks for itself: http://www.skipass.com/news/157729-le-chaos-a-un-nom-eleanor.html
  2. wa-loaf

    So Nick moved to Florida

    How do you run a ski forum and move to Florida? Next years AZ summit is going to take place in Key West ...
  3. wa-loaf


    No, just no ... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1477409603/madjacks-ski-with-a-snowboard-boot?ref=nav_search
  4. wa-loaf

    K2, Volkl, Full Tilt and others up for sale and may just shut down ....

  5. wa-loaf

    Quickie Ski Review

    Me: 47, 5'9" 210lbs aggressive longtime skier. Place: Mt Wachusett Conditions: Spring snow, corn, ice, dirt, rocks, running water, standing water, grass, mud ... it's been in the 70s for 2 days and then poured last night. The place is looking rough. This is the annual Ride-em and Rank-em event...
  6. wa-loaf

    Lindsey Von

    I know not everyone is into her body type, but ... http://www.si.com/swimsuit/model/lindsey-vonn/2016/body-paint?xid=si_social#1
  7. wa-loaf

    Jackson Hole 2/18 - 2/21

    I'll be there with a buddy, but have a solo day on the 20th. Any locals or folks who know their way around drop me line. Also, any tips on getting ticket deals?
  8. wa-loaf

    Wachusett Bronze Pass

    I have one available. PM for details. Thanks
  9. wa-loaf

    WTB Cheap Slalom Ski

    Looking for a beater pair of slalom skis mainly for being out on the race course while my son races. Hoping to score something under $200. Realized I don't want to use my race skis and the rest of my quiver is too long (and wide) for being out there. Thanks!
  10. wa-loaf

    Jones Level

    Through the freakin' roof right now! Maybe get some WROD this weekend.
  11. wa-loaf

    New Boots

    Just got some, ready to go for the season!
  12. wa-loaf

    Looking for an experienced racer.

    Got an open spot on our Thursday night Beer League at Wachusett. We're a competitive team so are looking for someone who can score gold (NASTAR) or better consistently. Drop me a line if you are interested.
  13. wa-loaf

    Steep and Cheap lately

    If you find a deal there, go check Backcountry.com as they will have the same item for the same price (or less in a couple instances) and you don't have to pay shipping. (assuming you meet the $50 minimum) It's too bad they are using the popularity of the site to take advantage of people. Used...
  14. wa-loaf


    I'm kind of looking for new gloves. I've been using a pair of Hestra Vertical Freeride gloves I picked up on Steep and Cheap years ago, but they are pretty packed out and not great when it gets really cold now. I'd pick up a new pair, but $170 for gloves is just a little more that I want to...
  15. wa-loaf

    Sunday River Planned opening day Monday Oct 19th

    Just posted on Facebook.
  16. wa-loaf

    2017 VW Tiquan looks like a nice upgrade, potential future wa-loaf ski vehicle!

    http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/2017-volkswagen-tiguan-this-is-it-1730518252 After coming back to VW from years away, I'm kind of hooked again on VW driving and it's quirks so this looks like a nice upgrade when I replace the sportwagon. And I almost lost my coffee at this quote from the...
  17. wa-loaf

    2015/16 Snow tire thread

    For the last few years I've been using General Altimax Arctic snows and have been very happy with them. Any reason I shouldn't just get a new set? Or am I missing out on something new?
  18. wa-loaf

    Greg Stumps Idaho house is for sale

    http://search.tetonvalleyidahorealestate.com/idx/details/listing/a397/15-1965/92-E-5000-S Group buy?
  19. wa-loaf

    Any Crossfitters on the board?

    I started about 6 weeks ago. Feeling stronger than I have in long time and really looking forward to this season. Lots of leg and core work.
  20. wa-loaf

    Winter is coming ... in 2030.