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  1. Black Phantom

    Attn: Puck it

    How have you been little man?
  2. Black Phantom

    What kind of Lunch Box do you use?

    I prefer this to carry my lunch:
  3. Black Phantom

    Carrying Skis

    All of this talk about boots has me thinking. How do you carry your skis? I still think this works just fine for me. I don't have to walk very far and I can lock it up as well. What do you do?
  4. Black Phantom

    Online Ski Deals Article in the Globe

    How billski was not interviewed for this article is beyond me8-) Now just a click away Liftopia brings online ski sales to consumers, with resorts’ help By T.D. Thornton Globe Correspondent / December 1, 2011 If Evan Reece has his way in the not-too-distant future, arriving at a ski resort...
  5. Black Phantom

    U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame Announces Class of 2011

    Eight skiing legends will be entered into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame's Honor Roll as the Class of 2011 on Saturday, April 14. The lineup is headlined by Olympic and World Championship medalists Joe Pack and Eva Twardokens as well as ski area pioneer, Nick Badami. The 2011 class...
  6. Black Phantom

    Skiers will discover new terrain, equipment at many regional resorts

    New is the word for the 2011-12 snow-sports season at local and regional resorts. A new owner at Peek'n Peak; new concessionaire at Ski Denton; new restructuring at Wisp; new terrain at Seven Springs and Hidden Valley; new lifts at Holiday Valley, Kissing Bridge and Ski Sawmill; and new...
  7. Black Phantom

    Is bigger always better at ski resorts?

    Skiers and snowboarders look for many things when planning their next mountain excursion: good snow, good terrain and prices that won't break the bank. But are they looking for the biggest mountain or resort, or the best mountain or resort? I've skied at some really big resorts — Vail and...
  8. Black Phantom

    Lifts and Lessons Lure Newbies

    Whistler-Blackcomb's record-setting Peak 2 Peak gondola, the stunning debut of Revelstoke Mountain Resort, the longest quadruple chairlift in the Canadian Rockies at Marmot Basin — these and other recent additions to the ski and snowboard scene are boons for dedicated schussers. But what about...
  9. Black Phantom

    The People's Powder

    China’s ski resorts are offering a mountain experience that is as much about snacking as snowboarding On a bright day last winter, the managers of Wanlong ski resort in northern China decided it was the perfect time to take aerial photos of the mountain. The bird’s-eye view revealed...
  10. Black Phantom

    The Institution November 6, 2011

    Looking up at West Glade Little People:smile: View from the lift line around 10:30 It took 20 minutes from entering the line to unloading the lift. The wait in the line was never more than 10 minutes to the chair. Many little people in the corral! RACK IT!
  11. Black Phantom

    Sunday River Blowing Snow.... Shortly

    SR will open before K. Heard it here first. Press release to follow. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sent from 2 Cans of Campbell's Soup connected by #6 THHN 3FGZvFZdVbk
  12. Black Phantom

    Lunch on the Mtn?

    Do you bring your own or dine on the hill?
  13. Black Phantom

    Loading A Lift

    Do you have any secrets or special methods to safely load and unload on the lifts? How do you keep your balance on a t-bar or Poma?
  14. Black Phantom

    Say It Ain't So, Flo!

    Wow. 'Brady Bunch' mom Florence Henderson brought home a souvenir from one-night stand with a New York mayor Florence Henderson, matriarch of "The Brady Bunch," got crabs in the 1960s from a one-night stand with then-New York Mayor John Lindsay. Freaking out over the idea of Carol Brady with...
  15. Black Phantom

    Olympic Hopeful To Sell Tatto Space on Body

    Olympic Hopeful To Sell Tattoo Space On Body Read more: http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpps/news/offbeat/olympic-hopeful-to-sell-tattoo-space-on-body-dpgonc-km-20110626_13861216#ixzz1QUH1L66l NewsCore) - GOLD COAST, Australia -- Top Australian beach volleyballer Claire Kelly is so committed to getting...
  16. Black Phantom

    Three Bear Inn

    http://www.threebearinn.com/Buffets.html ATTN: Campgotta....8-) We are going to have one hell of a time at this institution upon my arrival. Hit the buffet both nights? We need a joint like this at the Big Hill.:-D
  17. Black Phantom

    Summer Music

    Since summer is almost here, what do you like to listen to while relaxing with your favorite (fill in the blank)? g0XLKcMoXRE
  18. Black Phantom

    Classic Beer Posters

    Gotta love them.
  19. Black Phantom

    Jay Peak

    Who's getting their turns on this weekend? :daffy:
  20. Black Phantom

    Heavy Hands

    You got 'em? Makes it tough for bump skiing. How do you compensate?