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  1. wa-loaf

    Cannondale F300 For Sale $350

    This was 9 years ago.
  2. wa-loaf

    Jury Awards $3.3 Million Verdict Against Wachusett for Chairlift Incident

    That explains why the beer prices jumped in the last couple years ...
  3. wa-loaf

    Scariest Lift Descent

    There are always exceptions ...
  4. wa-loaf

    Scariest Lift Descent

    They don't usually. The point is when all the other lifts are on wind hold you can still ride because there is a surface lift available as back-up.
  5. wa-loaf

    Georgia Ski Lift Failure

    Scratch Georgia off the list of places to ski ...
  6. wa-loaf

    AlpineZone Summit 9.0

    No Shipyard?
  7. wa-loaf

    AlpineZone Summit 9.0

    Any word on where the Friday welcome party is happening?
  8. wa-loaf


    Sugarbush was a mess this morning. The grooming was bad (though they had crap to work with) ... nothing natural was skiable.
  9. wa-loaf

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Heading up today for 3 days. 2 days of warm and rainy and then a freeze ... its gonna be great ...
  10. wa-loaf

    Bindings Covers for ski racks

  11. wa-loaf

    Crazy weather in the Alps!

    Yikes! http://www.zapiks.fr/gaschurn-montafon.html
  12. wa-loaf

    Crazy weather in the Alps!

    This is in french, but the pics and video speaks for itself: http://www.skipass.com/news/157729-le-chaos-a-un-nom-eleanor.html
  13. wa-loaf

    hey massholes......

    Are you joking? It's a porn shop chain.
  14. wa-loaf

    hey massholes......

    My town is restricting the zoning to over by the Amazing Super Store and Gun Shop ...
  15. wa-loaf

    What has happened to Alpine Zone?

    Do it in March this year!
  16. wa-loaf

    What has happened to Alpine Zone?

    True, Greg worked his ass of to create value. A lot of that has withered away, but there may still be some value to the name. Also, if someone actually put some effort in with promoting events and giveaways it could still come back. Should I keep an eye out on this site or the other one ... ? :-D
  17. wa-loaf

    What has happened to Alpine Zone?

    He needs to sell to someone who cares. That or actually put some effort into this. I assume he's got some money invested here and it will slowly fade away as participants move to other forums until he has nothing. So sell to someone who wants to make it work or put some damn work into it.