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    Winter Hiking

    Anyone do it on here? Looking to do some hiking up in the Whites over the winter. Any tips other than pack as if you might have to spend the night in the mountains? Boot suggestions?
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    When Will Ski Sundown Open?

    I haven't skied much the past 2 years and looking to stretch the legs out locally. Maybe Bvibert can give us some inside info. Also will CT's only double black diamond trail have bumps on opening day?
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    Does anyone know if they do any 10-20% off coupons or just sales? Been looking around and don't see any.
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    Hiking maps

    Where's the best place to find hiking trail maps, preferably the free online ones! Looking for some of the western MA area and thought that the MA gov site used to have some online but am only able to find some vague black and white ones. Any suggestions or just go to REI and buy some!
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    Old Cars

    This is a pretty awesome find. http://www.nbcnews.com/video/nightly-news/52768651/#52768651
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    Arcadia National Park - Maine

    Thinking about planning a vacation up there to do some hiking. Any must do things or hike recommendations?
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    Magic 3-16-13

    Date(s) Skied: Saturday 3-16-2013 Resort or Ski Area: Magic Conditions: PP, 2" of new on top Trip Report: Hit the lift around 10 and was really surprised with how good the conditions where. The non snow making trail were a little icy in spots but everything was very edgeable. Highlight of the...
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    Looks like they are starting to get rid of their winter clothes. I found some good deals....
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    In the market for a new daypack, something around 2000 ci. Looking at the Osprey Stratos series due to the back ventilation system and i thing Gregory has a similar system. Anyone have one or have any recommendations?
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    Has anyone else bought from them? Seem to have decent prices and are located in PA so the stuff will show up quick. What I like is they have a lot of video descriptions/reviews of the products.
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    Got a pair this year. Went only once so far, but seems pretty fun. Just need more snow down here.
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    Warren Miller CT show

    Any of you CT peeps going to the show at the Bushnell on 11/10?
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    Phone holder

    Trying to find a phone(iPhone)case to mount to the stem of the road bike at a reasonable price. I see there are some that the phone clips into, but nor sure if you bump it if the phone will pop out. Skidmarks had a case that had Velcro on the back that attached to stem that looked ok. Any of...
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    Road pedals

    I am currently using a pair of mountain bike SPD pedals and shoes on the road bike. I know nothing about road pedals, anything better than others or is it just personal opinion?
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    Weekend thread - Easter

    Whats everyone doing? Friday - Bored at work till 1. Out to dinner. Sat - Going to try and get out for a bike ride Sunday - Going to Aunts for Easter dinner. Maybe a bike ride.
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    Mtb: 4-7-12 ?

    Thinking of maybe getting out for my first mtb ride this season. Probably Burlington or WH Res in the afternoon around 4. Should be lots of climbing and a blistering face pace.... Let me know if anyone is interested.
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    CT or Western MA hikes

    Figured we can start blowing the dust off the hiking forum! Getting back into hking with GF and looking for some ideas on 5-10 mile local hikes, would prefer a loop rather than an out and back and also varied terrain and not straight up! We did the blue trail at Sleepy Giant last weekend which...
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    Bumps at Butternut

    They had Downspout bumped up if anyone is looking for some decent moguls, $25 midweek tickets too! [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    They are have a sale on their brand stuff, up to 50% off.
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    Pepsi or Coke

    Which do you prefer?