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    Vail to buy Stowe?

    I'm curious, can you provide some more detail on this post? From a real estate perspective? From a trail system perspective? Thanks.
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    I recently have been skiing out of a property above the condos in the Upper Village area. I skied home the other day. It was actually quite fun, but a bit of workout, I'll do it again. I was wondering if there was ever consideration of a lift put in, perhaps even a rope tow down to the condos...
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    CNL Resort Properties Sold!

    damn, can't be a good omen for the sales price of Jay and others. I imagine that at that average price of $26m per resort, Jay maybe is at most an average resort in that mix of pretty strong ski resorts?
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    I'd like to ask if anyone who has the experience can share their using the Village Run trail as a quasi ski in/ski out trail? the place I'm considering skiing out of this year is right along side that trail. On maps, it looks like a ski down, short walk to lifts and the ability to ski all the...