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    Park Skis

    Looking for some good park skis that are also good for All-Mountain. I mainly do regular trails but I like hitting the parks occasionally. Looking at K2 Poachers, another member mentioned 4FRNT…..just looking for as much input as possible. Thanks
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    Terrain park ski choice

    Ohh those are really nice. A little more expensive but definitely like them.
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    Terrain park ski choice

    I was looking at the K2 Poacher. If anybody has good input what they like for an all around ski that also handles the parks that be dope
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    Terrain park ski choice

    Been skiing for 25 years. I mostly hit the slopes but occasionally I like to hit the parks. Looking for a good ski that can handle parks but also rip a diamond.
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    New Member Introductions Thread

    Sup. New member from NJ