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    A Basin 5/20

    I had hung up my skis when winterpark closed but with 22" in 3 days I had to go out atleast one more time and am going to try and ski every month this year. Got an early start and arrived at 730. The lots were all full by 830 and it was crowded but more like a normal Saterday than anything...
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    Crotched Beer League Racing - Slots Available

    I have a little racing experience and a lot of drinking experience, so I'd be intrested in running some gates this winter.
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    Balsams Grand Resort teams up with ski industry legend Les Otten

    When I was living briefly in Virginia I got to see what high energy DC lines looked like in the mountains. They absolutely gash the landscape and command view. The project as it was proposed running through the Whites would have greatly altered the Mountains. The Whites have a very unique feel...
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    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Mountain was skiing excellent today. They did an outstanding job this week putting it all back together. If your on the fence go out and grab some turns. You have all summer not to.
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    What the heck is going on at Magic?

    I visited magic for the first time two weeks ago. Seems like a pretty cool place and I am trying to get back there next year, hopefully with more snow. One thing that did rub me the wrong way was that the liftie had a tip jar set up. I have never seen that anywhere before and as much as I...
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    Peak Pass, what we have all been waiting for.

    Just bought the drifter for next year, price was good enough to pull me away from cannon. More driving but at the price I have a lot more options and can still hit cannon for a few days if I don't feel like driving the extra 40 min to the cat.
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    Mad River Glen 2-23-16

    Bought a ticket two weeks ago in the hopes that this winter would turn around. The good news....they were still open. This was my first time there so I took it more as an opertunity to check the place out and get a feel for the history. Conditions were...intresting. Half the mountain was iced...
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    2015-2016 Ski Voucher and BOGO thread

    I'm looking for any vouchers or coupons to Copper Mountain, Park City, Snowbird, Brighton, or Solitude.
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    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Zoomer and Zoomer liftline were both roped off today. Conditions are super scratchy with the refreeze but Taft Slalom was skiing really good and they started making snow on Profile.
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    Whats up with Wildcat?

    I was there today. They got an inch of snow and conditions were pretty good all things considered. It snowed all day but everything was edgable and softened up. Good coverage except for a few spots on lynx and upper wildcat. Very fun day.
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    2014-2015 Ski Voucher and BOGO thread

    Have 1 waterville anytime pass, looking to trade for killington.
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    Giro Customer Service

    They gave me a free helmet last year after the one I purchased for the season got dented. I was expecting that they wouldn't do anything. I was thinking about picking up a poc Helmet but may stick with Giro now.
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    Wildcat 12/23/2014

    Awesome day. They got 3 inches overnight and I figured the cat had the best chance for the rain to stay snow during the day. I started late so getting untracked turns was out the window. Mostly stuck to the trails as they were skiing better than the woods, although I'm still learning where to go...
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    Buying used skis

    I've used Liquidation Sports on ebay for skis and have not had a problem with them. I was hesitant to purchase skis over Craigslist as there is a lot less accountability should the skis be faulty. Demo bindings on my last pair of skis worked great and I could not feel that much of a difference...
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    Liberty University Snowflex Centre

    Ill be stopping by there sometime in August or September. I'm already dieing to get skiing again so this should help me last until November....hopefully....
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    Bretton Woods Advice

    If your looking for glades follow what everyone else has said and just pick a glade as you go down and see what you find. There is so much at Bretton Woods and most of the glades there are a lot of fun. The only thing I can add is there is a very nice 7-8ish foot cliff if you stay to skiers...
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    White Mountain Superpass: 2013-2014 Waterville, Cannon, Bretton Woods and Cranmore

    Its the same as the 4-NH collage pass which ive been getting for the last few years. Looks like I know where ill be skiing when I graduate.