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    Magic 2/28/15

    I'm enjoying reading your reviews. It's cool that you take the time to write them. Can you indicate the location along with the name of the resort? This is my second year, even though I'm 40, snowboarding and a lot of these places' names are new to me. Thank you!!
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    Smugglers Notch Sunday Sunday 3/1

    TRIPLE BLACK DIAMOND??! I didn't know there was such a thing! Is it upside down?
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    Any news from Seven Springs or Snowshoe?

    I've been thinking about going but am cautious with all the warmups we've had in this area. Very interested in Snowshoe and what conditions are like there...
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    Gore Mountain, NY & Okemo, VT-2/25-26

    YES! I've seen "icy" signs at parks.. hello, ski patrol, what else are they doing?? This is a great forum. I was thinking today how nice it would be to hear reports on conditions, cause you don't know until you start going down the hill.. and resorts certainly aren't exactly honest with their...
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    Gore Mountain, NY & Okemo, VT-2/25-26

    Visited Gore Mountain for the first time.. Conditions were GOOD on blue and green. There was some ice on the trails but it wasn't too bad.. EXCEPT... for the middle landing area for the Adirondack Express lift! There was sheets of gnarly ice there and of course on my last run I slipped and fell...