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  1. Chinalfr

    Snowboarder hits kid, kids father punches snowboarder (video)

    No brawl? As a father, I might react the same. I might not hit the kids as that is a bit overboard. I will curse and ask the kid to slow down. That little youngster get a big whack by the snowboarder. Felt sorry for him. I don't felt sorry for the snowboarder as he is clearly going a...
  2. Chinalfr

    first 20 skiers the New Navionics Ski APP FREE.

    Jon, I got the app. Thanks for the offer. I will use the app this weekend and provide feedback. Al "Send it" from my iPhone V
  3. Chinalfr

    first 20 skiers the New Navionics Ski APP FREE.

    Send an email. If this offer still avail, I'll love to try the app. Thanks. "Send it" from my iPhone V
  4. Chinalfr

    How many ski day so far? (2012/13)

    I've been sloppy this season. Increased workload chew up my free time. Only 2 ski session (4 days) so far. Wachusett 12/01 Sunday River 12/23-25 "Send it" from my iPhone V
  5. Chinalfr

    What's your beer choice at resorts?

    I'm BYOB. Yeungling from PA is my fav light beer. Relaxed on my private beach while sipping a frozen margarita.
  6. Chinalfr

    Trip Reports PLEASE!

    Heading to Sunday river tomorrow. Will ski till Christmas. "Send it" from my iPhone V
  7. Chinalfr

    What is your favorite liquor?

    Patron, ultimately Don Julio. Sent from my stupid iPad
  8. Chinalfr

    Acura MDX in the snow?

    +1 My wife too. LOL
  9. Chinalfr

    Acura MDX in the snow?

    You need an Escalade. ;-) I have 3 kids too. Wifey and I both will not drive a van, period. That's the reason we still kept the old, reliable Honda Pilot for this specific reason. I only drive the pilot for trip and snowy weather only.
  10. Chinalfr

    Acura MDX in the snow?

    see my post above.
  11. Chinalfr

    Acura MDX in the snow?

    I agreed that SH-AWD is difference than VTM-4. But earlier (aka first gen) MDX use VTM-4 drivetrain too. Later, Acura start to adopt SH-AWD to the 2nd gen MDX. As I mention, newer car got newer technology. I'm not surprised that newer pilot will be totally different than newer MDX. There...
  12. Chinalfr

    Costa Concordia Shipwreck

    Nice. The captain is a coward. He need to face the justice. Hope he get his harsh punishment. Sent from my iPhone 5.
  13. Chinalfr

    Acura MDX in the snow?

    Wow, A 2 yrs old topics resurrected. I'll chimed in as I own a 2003 Honda pilot too. I'm also a gearhead. Pilot & MDX essentially the same. Acura is a luxury brand of Honda. They have the same engine and run on the same drivetrain. Depend on the manufacturer year, you will get different...
  14. Chinalfr

    Help - How Do I Tip

    Can't tip everyone. You find out who helps you and either tip the person privately or at less write up a praise note and hand over to the resort manager. Sent from my stupid iPad
  15. Chinalfr

    Wachusett 1/14/12

    Date(s) Skied: 1/14/2012 Resort or Ski Area: Wachusett Conditions: PP Trip Report: A few friends & families decide to do a night ski session at Wachusett. I have 3 kids with me. 10(oldest), 6 and 3. We arrived very early ~ 2pm for a 4pm session. Hungout at the lodge a bit and then I...
  16. Chinalfr

    01/14 Wachusett

    Heading to Wachusett for some late ski session with the kids. Anyone @ Wachusett today? Sent from my iPhone 5.
  17. Chinalfr

    1/13 sick day

    Cough, cough. No sick day for me. Sent from my iPhone 5.