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  1. catsup948

    Wildcat 4/18/2017

    Nothing up high softened while the bottom became nice peel away corn by noon. My son enjoyed it at first but started getting a little bored after 5 runs so we did a few more and called it. I think he has already moved on to baseball. I hope to get out this weekend for a little bit but I'll...
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  4. catsup948

    2017-2018 Season Passes

    Purchased a Peaks traveler pass. Used two days at wildcat already, maybe one more this weekend. Hoping my schedule next season allows me as many midweek days as I did this season. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  5. catsup948

    Your 2016-2017 Season Thread

    75 today at Wildcat. Not the best day for spring skiing but I still enjoyed myself. Maybe one more day up there this weekend. Then I'll be hiking my way to 80. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  6. catsup948

    Who obtained the best Cost/Day ratio this season?

    Overall $8.04 per day for 74 days so far. Berkshire East was free, 8 free at Gunstock and 4 skinning. Cost outside of free was a bit more than usual at $22.92 a day, 27 days at 16 different mountains. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  7. catsup948

    Your 2016-2017 Season Thread

    3 days at Jay Peak brings my total to 71 over 7 straight months. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  8. catsup948

    Jay Peak April 1-3

    Glorious weekend for our family vacation to Jay Peak! Despite being fairly busy Saturday we managed to find a lot of fresh tracks all over and mountain. Sunday was ever so sweet spring peel away corn, in the afternoon it started to get a little too sticky. Monday was a nice quiet groomer...
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  13. catsup948

    Fat Lady Thread 2017

    Berkshire East trying for another day, Saturday April 8th! I'd love to see it happen. Rain this week doesn't look promising though. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  14. catsup948

    NWS 2016 / 2017 Winter forecast!

    Friday night could happen. I hope it's a bit more north than currently modeled. Nice 4-8" at Jay would make me happy. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  15. catsup948

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2016-17 Edition

    Cranmore $29 this weekend. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  16. catsup948

    Your 2016-2017 Season Thread

    66 and still going strong. Most I've had since high school. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  17. catsup948

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Above Golden Birches. Very nice snow up there and great coverage. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  18. catsup948

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Great day at Cannon today! Starting to get very thin in places. Skied a lot at Mittersill. Found some really cool trees and nice soft snow. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
  19. catsup948

    Where are you skiing today!

    After a cold, brutal but fun weekend up north. I stayed local and skied Berkshire East the last couple days. There were a few rocks but the skiing did not suck! Lots of powder to go around! Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone