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  1. Flyinbysti

    SNowstorm Commute, how bad was yours?

    Mine was smooth sailing, other then the people who don't know how to drive in weather. The STi with snowtires is amazing.
  2. Flyinbysti

    Ski Sundown 12/17/2007 (night)

    my buddys were there on friday night and said it was great. We may be headed up there on sat. for some boarding.
  3. Flyinbysti

    Snow on Friday 12/7?

    possible, I haven't looked at the radar. but i heard a rumor me might get some
  4. Flyinbysti

    Work really blows today

    yeah I'm not really feeling work today either. I have been bored most of it. All the managers went over to headquarters. The other 2 ladies in the office decided to go too and maintiance is downstairs working. I finished all I had to do for the day by 8:30am now I'm just sitting here bored as hell.
  5. Flyinbysti

    Mt. Snow 12/3/07 POWDER DAY

    Do they have much of the park open up there yet.
  6. Flyinbysti

    Ski Sundown (night): Sunday, 12/9/2007

    Nice, I might have to get up there next weekend if thats the case.
  7. Flyinbysti

    Number of Snowboarders

    I started out as a skier and switch to boarding and have never looked back. Where I've been riding the # of boarders is alot more then skiers. It may depend of the part of the country you are in too, the conditions or the mountain and how big the terrain parks are.
  8. Flyinbysti

    Sneak Peek at Mohawk

    Nice, I am looking to get out to the mountain and do some boarding. I don't know if I will be able to make it this weekend or not though lot going on. If the temps stay low though, next weekend looks good to me.
  9. Flyinbysti

    Porsche to take over VAG

    Wonder what kind of changes they will be making to Lambo. How about a price reduction so I can afford one lol... VW's are the worst for breaking stuff, Audi not far behind. But for some reason the Diesel VW's seem to hold together pretty well.
  10. Flyinbysti

    WRX drivers annoy me

    You would be a little suprised. I don't know what age you would conside to be a more mature adult type. There are alot of STi owners out there who are younger believe it or not. I know a few people under 20 with STi's, I know a real lot of people under 20 who have Evo's. Most STi owners are in...
  11. Flyinbysti

    WRX drivers annoy me

    lol....This thread makes me laugh to be honest. I am an STi owner (yeah the more expensive big winged, big scooped, blah blah blah WRX). It is the best car I have owned for the money. I was looking at Audi S4's before purchasing the STi, but couldn't justify the S4 cost for the amount of miles...