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  1. Mt_Wawasee

    old guys setting PRs for ski days

    71yo, I do 50 to 60 days per year. My goal is always 1,000+ runs, 1,000+ miles, 1,000,000 vertical I do not exercise as I own a house
  2. Mt_Wawasee

    Beijing - 1st Olympics 100% man made snow

    Per the article, estimated 49 million gallons to produce snow. Last I heard Wachusett has pumped 70 millon.
  3. Mt_Wawasee

    Your 2021 / 2022 Ski Season Thread

    11/29/21 to 12/20/21 Wachusett 12 days 371 runs 268.8 miles 216,101 vertical start again tomorrow 1/3/22 (weather permitting)
  4. Mt_Wawasee

    MA skiing

    today (12/14) will be my 10th day at WAWA this year. trails are getting narrower and are a bit crunchy in the morning. Warm temps in afternoon seem to make for the best conditions happening after noon.
  5. Mt_Wawasee

    Indoor activities

    -Have family member buy a new (large) house, lots of indoor projects -indoor Gun Range (if you can find ammo) -split wood, even if raining, that will help to keep you cool
  6. Mt_Wawasee

    Wachusset season passes - wtf!?

    same issue as last year. I believe there is a waiting list for passholders that miss the deadline. Some pass holders end up deferring or taking a credit due covid concerns/etc and Wachusett starts working thru the waiting list
  7. Mt_Wawasee

    Ski brakes catching

    2019 atomic redsters (165). happened multiple times over last two years. And although I don't ski like the 80's as mentioned above, I do ski like the 60's/70's so knees are locked as they should be. ski shop was able to bend the brakes a bit and that seems to help
  8. Mt_Wawasee

    Who's Blowing Snow?

    Blue Mt in PA is blowing snow when I checked webcams 3/2 @ 05:30
  9. Mt_Wawasee

    Singles Line

    there are no signs at Wachusett saying the singles line is a singles line. I don't think they have the logistics figured out yet.
  10. Mt_Wawasee

    Which skis?

    by fast I mean fast for a 70+ old who never was a great skier and I only have to stop 2 or 3 times and wait for her on a 3/4 mile run
  11. Mt_Wawasee

    Which skis?

    2 years ago my wife demo'd lots of skis at Wachusett (they apply demo cost to the purchase price with some restrictions). She tried head/nordica/rossi/atomic/etc. all said and done she went with atomic cloud 7 and is very happy with the choice and actually skis faster than the 20+year old...
  12. Mt_Wawasee

    How cold have you slept in your vehicle ?

    back in the early 70's my college roommate and I use to instruct at Loveland on the weekends. Two could sleep in the unheated truck bed (with uninsulated cap) and if any friends joined us they would sleep under the truck to get out of the wind. Lots of moaning in the morning about frozen body parts
  13. Mt_Wawasee


    another option, I have not compared the two sites www.windfinder.com
  14. Mt_Wawasee

    Wachusett 11/21/19

    I was there during the day on the 21st. it appears they groomed early on the night of the 20th as conditions were a bit crunchy until we skied it in by 11am and I left around 1:30 I did get 40 runs in on Ralph and Challenger.
  15. Mt_Wawasee

    Wachusett 11/15/19

    yes a decent day once they got the lifts running. I will probably skip the weekend due to possible crowds
  16. Mt_Wawasee

    What time of year to buy new skis?

    no affiliation but Suburban in CT is having a 50% off sale https://suburbanskiandbike.com/content/705/2018-50-Off/?utm_source=Copy+of+2%2F14+-midwinter+sale&utm_campaign=50+off+coupon+-+2nd+round&utm_medium=email