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    Waxing Iron Cord Management

    I've been using an old small baking pan for the iron rest. The 1/8 sheet pan size works pretty well. I agree on the extension cord coming up the opposite side of the bench - that's what I'm doing right now, (and fighting with it as kingslug points out), but having it coming off the ceiling was...
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    Waxing Iron Cord Management

    That might be pure genius. I've never thought of that. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
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    Waxing Iron Cord Management

    HI, new member here. I'm wondering if other DIY tuners have any tricks to hold their waxing iron power cords out of the way. I've been tuning my skis for years, and I've always had a basement shop, so I suspended the cord from the floor joists with a bungee cord, which worked pretty well. Now...