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  1. JAM614

    Small Ski Area Come Back - New England

    Most likely an employee of Community Energy based out of Rumford, Maine :) You could say that...the all volunteer glade crew leans on their many years of skiing AND cutting experience. Cut by skiers... for skiers. The Beavers apply sustainable cutting practices that equate to challenging and...
  2. JAM614

    Small Ski Area Come Back - New England

    No charge to hike in the off-season. Check out the Black & White hiking trail which spans the two peaks of Rumford Whitecap and Black Mountain. Black Mountain of Maine is on the move. An under-stated hidden gem for woods and off-piste skiers of all ability levels. Most recent Down Home Tour...
  3. JAM614

    Summer 2018 Northeast Offseason Improvements

    Black Mountain of Maine; more than doubling their snowmaking capabilities with the addition of 17 tower guns; http://www.skiblackmountain.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=354 https://www.facebook.com/skiblackmountain/videos/239613816724271/ The Angry Beavers continue to cut...
  4. JAM614

    Summit 9.0 Announced @ Sugarloaf! **March 9th – 11th, 2018**

    Hit up Black Mountain of Maine on the way up to the Summit on Friday. Only $20 for 9am-9pm and the woods are going to be great with 12-18" predicted. BMOM is closed Thursday but opens at 9am on Friday with very little groomed. Explore the 25 plus glades. Should be awesome. Sent from my SM-G930V...
  5. JAM614

    New Trail Map at Black Mountain of Maine (New Trails and Glades)

  6. JAM614

    New Trail Map at Black Mountain of Maine (New Trails and Glades)

    Wait until you ski the stuff that was cut the last two years. Some real variety and terrain that rivals some of the bigger resort's offerings. Some 800 vertical glade runs, despite what the map depicts. Perfect AlpineZone Summit stop on the way to the Loaf.
  7. JAM614

    New Trail Map at Black Mountain of Maine (New Trails and Glades)

    http://www.skiblackmountain.org/index.php/the-mountain-2016/do-it/alpine-map-2016 Many off season improvements to Black Mountain of Maine in Rumford, ME the last few years. This is a better representation of the current offerings compared to the old map. Not all glades at depicted and the map...
  8. JAM614

    Favorite Small Ski Areas - why?

    Black Mountain of Maine, because it's like a private ski area, ever-expanding glades (20 for this season), cheap $15 Friday/$29 w/e, plentiful side-country, no lift lines, no wind hold, Post and beam lodge with great apres ski bar. Mt Abram- variety, steep shots, old school vibe. Abanaki- Rope...
  9. JAM614

    Crazy signs at ski areas

    Saddleback's signage after a heavy ice event;
  10. JAM614

    Best option for Friday, Jan15

    Cheap option on the way to Sugarloaf; Black Mountain of Maine on Friday 9am-9pm for only $15. 8" of fresh waiting to be skied since the mountain is closed Monday-Thur.
  11. JAM614

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2015-16 Edition

    Black Mountain of Maine rolls out the Friday Freshies Program, prices continue to drop as the season progresses. http://www.skiblackmountain.org/index.php/friday-freshies
  12. JAM614

    Resort Improvements 2015

    Hopefully this will eliminate the "funk" emitting from the lodge lower level. It used to get pretty ripe at times...
  13. JAM614


    Shawnee Peak's biggest appeal is their close proximity to Maine's largest population base and higher median income. With their w/e day ticket price increases and the fact that gas currently reasonable, may have Maine skiers seeking lower cost alternatives like Abrams, Black Mountain of Maine...
  14. JAM614

    Ticket Prices 2015-2016

    Black Mountain and Mt Abram are offering 1/2 price tickets for Season pass holders of participating areas (6 total). Abrams is great on powder days and looking forward to skiing their new terrain also.
  15. JAM614

    Ticket Prices 2015-2016

    XWhaler, Thanks. We're all pretty excited to ski the 5 new glades we cut this season. Many features and playful lines worked into the equation. $15 Fridays are a steal if it snows mid-week, plus I think management has talked about scaling back grooming wall-to-wall, making for plenty of POW...
  16. JAM614

    Ticket Prices 2015-2016

    This is exactly what the volunteer effort is working on at Black Mountain of Maine. Black is all about developing new skiers with low ticket prices $15 Fridays/$29 weekend, while offering gladed terrain for advanced skiers. Up to 15 glades for this season, with the potential for many more in...
  17. JAM614

    Maine Ski Areas Working Together for Affordable Skiing

    Great to see a co-operative effort to keep skiing affordable in Maine and allow for small/mid-sized area season pass holders to get 1/2 price discounts at participating ski areas. Ski areas include; Black Mountain of Maine, Mt Abram, Lost Valley, Camden Snowbowl, Bigrock, & Titcomb. Mt Abram...
  18. JAM614

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2015-16 Edition

    Maine small/mid-sized ski areas working together for discounts. Buy a season pass at any of the following ski areas and receive 1/2 price ski tickets at other participating areas; Black Mountain of Maine, Lost Valley, Mt Abram, Bigrock, Camden Snowbowl, and Titcomb. Black Mountain is $245 until...
  19. JAM614

    Black Mountain of Maine's 2Peak Challenge Oct. 4

    October 4th Black Mountain of Maine debut's a 8.7 mile Multi-Peak run/run up Rumford Whitecap, over to the Black Mountain Summit and finish at the ski area lodge. Great time of year to hit the peaks with the foliage about ready to go off, especially, on Rumford Whitecap with 360 degree views...
  20. JAM614

    Ski for free skier incentive program

    Thanks xwhaler. Yes the Webb glade will be a nice addition with a nice little cliffband and a few playful features incorporated. That patch of woods really builds snow. We're working on some East Bowl development also, which will add some steeper 1000 vertical glades into the mix. Sent from...