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    Stenger and Quiros Ousted from Management of Jay Peak and Burke

    I am really not all that shocked with today's announcement. What I am surprised at is that no government agency heads have rolled yet? Here is a list of things that leave me wondering. 1) Is EB-5 considered state and or federal money, if so how did PeakCM get all of these no bid contracts? 2)...

    Sunapee Master Plan Road Blocks?

    I did go through......whether or not the Muellers, etc still want to do this, who knows? I think they have some other things on the burner with CNL at this particular moment.....I read something somewhere a while back.

    Sunapee Master Plan Road Blocks?

    A vocal minority I would say. The town governments of the surrounding communities seem to disagree that this is "not so good for the locals". As do many folks that I come across in my daily travels. FWIW, I have nothing to gain if this was voted yes or no.....except perhaps a new watering...

    Sunapee Master Plan Road Blocks?

    How's this bad for locals?

    The 01/22 - 01/23 Storm thread (Could a snowstorm actully hit the Poconos?)

    Sounds like too many people don't know how to drive. Got a Suburu Outback and I could go through mounds of snow with that.

    Monday 2/2/2015

    And………accuweather went from 3-6 to 4-8 in the last few minutes. This is all based on the Upper Valley of NH region.

    Monday 2/2/2015

    In the last 10 minutes, the WMUR (NH station) went from 4-8 to 6-12, thing is clearly pushing north. They are generally on the conservative side at WMUR. So for them to up the snow totals and push everything north is something to consider.

    March 13th (Don't Crucify me!)

    During my ride home from work (Manchester to Claremont, NH) it rained the whole way. This includes New London and Sunapee. However it did snow out earlier, perhaps 3 inches. My wife, who just got home from work In Lebanon reports all snow, perhaps 6 inches or more.

    Ski Season Grade So Far

    Thaws? Really? In western NH I feel as though we have only had one and that was a week ago. Perhaps I have missed a few. My perception is that it has been cold and dry for the most part. The only rain I can recall is what just occurred a week ago. Other then that I would have to go back...

    Sugarloaf - Burnt Mountain Opens to Summit

    The cutting you see on Google Earth isn't the cutting they did, I don't believe. The cutting that is very obvious from Google earth is old logging cuts.

    Sugarloaf - Burnt Mountain Opens to Summit

    Not sure I would call this a big snow year for many places. Especially for Saddleback and Sugarloaf. For them it has been a fairly dry winter. Heck up until the last week or two I would guess that many places in NNE would say it has been disappointing for natural snow.......great for...

    snow fall where you live Tues. Feb 18

    Where I work, Auburn, NH, got about 5 inches when I left work at 2pm, had only been snowing for 2 hours. During my 1hr (normally a 20min drive) drive to Concord to access 89 you couldn't see more then 3 cars ahead of you. Got to Claremont 1.5hrs after that. Snow intensity greatly diminished...

    The Big One Analysis: February 13th, 2014 Storm Observations

    16+ inches in Claremont, NH. Got 5 inches yesterday (11am-5pm), then it basically just shut off until midnight. Woke up at 4am to let the dogs out and see if traveling to work was an option. At that time we had another 7 inches. It was puking snow. Went back to bed at 5:00, woke up again at...

    Nighttime sled poach=death at Carinthia

    Use to ride lunch trays down from the lifts during my lifty days at Waterville Valley....not the smartest thing I have ever done.

    TRAVEL BAN -- Mass and CT

    Are you for real jackass? Just because you need some politician or bureaucrat to wipe your ass doesn't mean that others do. Have fun getting wood every time you hear the Weather Channel say "Nemo".

    New Storm Snow -VS- Existing Base

    I would strongly disagree. A foot of snow on bare or nearly bare ground (dry snow at that) won't do much on high angle glades....well except hide a potential disaster. Also, what is up with the use of the word epic? 12-18" of snow is not Epic, especially for early February.

    TRAVEL BAN -- Mass and CT

    This is what a "Nanny State" looks like. This is what happens when politics gets involved with weather I guess. These bozo's will do anything to get face time. I find it funny that people always buy shovels during these "epic" storms. My question is, what did they do with the shovel from...

    Ragged Mountain

    That just means they can access snowmaking on 85% of their trails. It doesn't mean they can blow 85% of their terrain at any one time. Killington, Sugarloaf, Sunday River, Loon, etc have 85-90% snowmaking coverage, but would be lucky to be able (or would) to blow snow on 10-20% of their...