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    '19-'20 who's part of what Pass thread

    There’s some interesting rumors floating around regarding PA resorts... Camelback going IKON and Blue going Epic with both being announced within a few weeks. Time will tell...
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    The dreaded ''Closings 2019'' thread

    No there has been nothing anywhere near official... just internet chatter. I’d be interested in seeing it join a multi mountain pass that would give us PA and NJ skiers some other options up north. Peak is the only option right now but I don’t have any interest in JF.
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    The dreaded ''Closings 2019'' thread

    I was at Blue on Tuesday and conditions were good through most of the day. The place was pretty empty and I’m sure most of those there were season pass holders. Hard to make money under those circumstances. Vail rumors have been floating around on Paskiandride for some time.
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    Wearable Ski Coach - New Era?

    Yes there are a number of drills that you can do and some limited coaching that goes along with it. You also get some tips after runs even if you aren’t doing drills. It’s feedback along the lines of start edging your skis earlier in the turn, increase your edge angle, .... It can’t really...
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    mountain creek vs. blue mt. vs. camelback vs. shawnee

    Blue is offering a $100 discount on their season passes through the end of this month. It’s good through closing this year and next. It gets crowded there later in the morning on weekends but that’s probably true of all those that you mentioned. Theirs a season pass only lift gate that...
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    Wearable Ski Coach - New Era?

    My wife gave me one for Christmas this year and I have about 10 days on it. A little background on myself. I came back to skiing last year after a 25 year break. Never had lessons in my youth. You could have said I came back to skiing with a clean slate but it was more like a piece of paper...
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    Blue Mountain Death

    I ski there. They have a small terrain park with some small jumps that serves as a learning area. Sounds like that’s where it occurred from an article I read. Condolences to the family.
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    Mtn loyalist/passholder vs independent/chase the snow week to week.. debate on!!!!

    As a NJ resident the lack of PA resorts is what keeps me from getting an Ikon or Epic pass. I’d jump right in if they added a Pocono resort.
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    Recommendation for New Skiers

    Kids had a great time. Conditions Thursday were rough after the rain/high temps Wednesday but we got rewarded this afternoon with snow. My youngest had an oh crap moment the first time we road to the top. First time seeing that kind of elevation and she thought we had to go down the blue...
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    This weekend? NY? VT?

    Just rolled in from Okemo. Snowed hard this afternoon. Seemed to be slowing down when we left late in the afternoon. Drove towards Albany at it was snowing out along 100 and 11. All rain and ice once we got to 7.
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    Recommendation for New Skiers

    Timber Inn is very nice. We stayed in a room on the first floor and it looks like they've been recently redone. Very clean and the manager was very nice. Certainly not anything fancy but it has the feel of a nice hotel rather than your typical roadside motel.
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    Recommendation for New Skiers

    Sure thing. Ill post when I get back.
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    Recommendation for New Skiers

    Thanks for the tip... dad likes smores also. We're staying in town at the Timber Inn. Didn't need much... just a place to crash at the end of the day.
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    Recommendation for New Skiers

    Thanks everyone. Okemo it is. Booked a hotel this morning and will get my tickets online also. Saw some the other day for about $50. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Recommendation for New Skiers

    Does okemo groom heavy? Guess at some point they need exposure to ice lol. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Recommendation for New Skiers

    Thanks I looked at Bromley and Magic but it looks like they are only open on the weekend now. Ill take a look at Mt Snow. Getting a little concerned about the forecast for rain on Wednesday. Was originally thinking about heading further north but Im probably going to drive home after skiing...
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    Recommendation for New Skiers

    Hello After a 20 year break from the sport I took my girls (9 and 11) for their first time this winter in the Poconos. They absolutely loved it. They are off this week and we are going to try to head north to Vermont Thursday and Friday to squeeze in one last trip. I was looking at Okemo...
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    Family of six looking to replace Max pass options for next season - ideas welcomed!

    Both my girls (9 and 11) play travel softball. Spring season is just starting although the weahter isnt copperating yet. It will go into early July. Fall season starts late August and goes to the end of October. Winter workouts indoors are in January and February but are more laid back. I...