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  1. billski

    HIKING: Volunteer in the White Mountain National Forest March 25, 26, 28 2019

    Monday March 25, 2019 Rochester Public Library, 65 South Main St, Rochester NH 6:30pm Tuesday March 26, 2019 Littleton Public Library 92 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire 5:30pm Thursday March 28, 2019 Nashua Public Library 2 Court St, Nashua, New Hampshire 6;30pm Volunteer in the White...
  2. billski

    HIKING: Trailhead Steward Training: Preventative Search &Rescue (PSAR) April 6, 2019

    HIKING: Trailhead Steward Training: Preventative Search &Rescue (PSAR) April 6, 2019 Looking a few good passionate hikers willing to devote a few hours each week to prevent unnecessary search and rescue missions. Trailhead hiker intervention has proven to increase hiker preparedness. It is...
  3. billski

    NH White Mountain National Forest needs your help cataloging storm damage, Oct. 2017

    Dear Partner, Volunteer, or Trail Enthusiast: You’re receiving this email because you are a trail partner, volunteer, or trail enthusiast on the White Mountain National Forest, and the Forest needs your help! Have you been on or intend to be on any White Mountain trails this weekend? If so...
  4. billski

    Wildlife clearing maintenance in the White Mountains

    We still are looking for a leader for our Wildlife Clearing maintenance work. We're basically just clearing moderate sized new growth from mowed areas in the forests. There is one area on the Kanc and one just north of Jackson NH. This is simple stuff that needs loppers. The area is flat. I...
  5. billski

    mrg March 15

    MRG woods were off the charts. Unbelieveable. Face shots in the morning on most any steep trail. Lots of thigh deep stuff, 3' in the woods. No pics, no friends. After the single stopped turning went inside and welcomed Matt back to town. He has another kid and is looking great. One...
  6. billski

    Presentation: White Mountain National Forest Volunteer Opportunities (Plymouth NH)

    This is a repeat of the February Chelmsford, MA session. Did you know that New Hampshire Fish and Game conducts over 200 Search and Rescue missions each year and more than half of those rescues occur in the 800,000-acre White Mountain National Forest? Are you interested in giving back to the...
  7. billski

    Brokeback, Dec. 5th

  8. billski

    Bolton: Good golly miss molly!

    Just got this email from Bolton Valley. 25" in 72 hours! Everyone forgets they have their own little snow belt over there. Even if it melts/refreezes, the base building is awesome. I just love/hate that they are already at 36% of last season's snow total. With Thanksgiving only a few days...
  9. billski

    Photo's won't upload

    Tried to upload one or many files to an album or just a single photo to the root. After they are in the queue and they are uploaded, i click on "process" button at bottom of the screen, get this fugly message: 403 ForbiddenA potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this...
  10. billski

    Closure of champney and pitcher falls spur paths, July 18-22 & Aug 1-5, 2016

    Closure of champney and pitcher falls spur paths, july 18-22 & aug 1-5, 2016 Spur path loops to waterfalls will be closed for trail reconstruction Monday through Friday, July 18-22 & Aug 1-5. Spur paths will be accessible on all weekends. Access to the waterfalls will be closed Monday through...
  11. billski

    Oh no! Snow!

    Northern VT is expected to see less than an inch of snowfall Sunday night. The low temp will be just about at the freezing mark. But just like the rest of this foul eastern winter, rain will follow immediately thereafter.:angry...
  12. billski

    I want to love the 2014-15 Subaru Forester

    The last time Subarus were discussed here was 2013. Since then, Subaru has refreshed both the Forester and Outback / rebadged. I am in the market for a 2014 or 15 Forester or Outback. I buy used. I really want to love the Forester. There are only two things holding me back right now. 1...
  13. billski

    White Mt. National Forest Volunteer opportunity Trailhead Steward - MAY 21ST 2016

    The White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) is currently seeking volunteers for the role of trailhead steward. The trailhead steward program is a new program designed to equip forest visitors, both dayhikers, backpackers and climbers, with information they need while traveling in the...
  14. billski

    Sugarbush-Glen Ellen 3/13/16

    Mud season has prematurely arrived. Feels and looks like April on the road and on the slopes. No snow anywhere except on the ski trails and nearby woods. Skied Mt. Ellen, waited until 11 to hit the slopes, turns out it was 12. Just as well, I was pretty tired after four hours. ME had...
  15. billski

    What weather sites do you look at when planning your next trip?

    The weather data on the web has gotten vastly better in the last five years. I now have a plethora of sites to choose from with lots of sexy graphs and charts. What do you look at and when? I start looking about 5 days out at models. At about 2 days, I start looking at the real time and...
  16. billski

    Whine about it - Questions I have for people who go skiing? and a great rebuttal!

    Watch Matt Bellassai bitch about skiers and skiing: DSIxfMxgyd0 Then before you blow your cork, watch Halley O'Brien's rebuttal: 144496265 Halley is 100% right.
  17. billski

    double vision

    Why, when I post an image to the forum using the icon (above) do I get two images? One shows the embedded image and the second shows the attachment image. Do others see two from me? Is it making the second one as a preview of an attachment? I'm not in preview mode.