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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Any speculation as to what the old favorite will be? Are they just going to bring back a label for a trail segment that already exists (e.g. Zip), or are they going to reopen a trail that has not been open in recent years?
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    2023/2024 Season Passes

    I believe the Ski Cooper season pass includes 3 days at Sundance (and many other areas).
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    Offer made to buy Burke

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    Indy Ski Pass

    Great; thanks for the data point. That's too bad, but maybe they are worried about people redeeming multiple tickets and sharing them with others.
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    Indy Ski Pass

    Does anyone know if the limit on one redemption per passholder per day applies to cross-country areas too? We had been thinking it would be fun to ski at Woodstock XC in the morning and Saskadena Six in the afternoon, but sounds as if that may not be possible.
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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    The Flyer at Jay was running in reverse yesterday - it is not yet open for the season and had only a few chairs on the line, so they must have been doing some testing or some such. Was quite an odd sight to behold!
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    14 MAR 2022 Brighton, UT Snowboarder photo sequence

    Our family skied at Brighton this past February. We had heard good things, but were a bit underwhelmed. The lifts in the center have a rather modest pitch, so even though there are some steep drops here and there, we kept ending up in flat areas. If I were to go back, I would focus on the...
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    Loon 2/9/22

    Sorry to hear that it's been a tough winter for you. I always really enjoy your reports. Hope you are able to get out and enjoy some good ski days in the latter part of the season. Hang in there!
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    Jay Peak bombshell

    Wasn't Powerline the lift line for the original Bonaventure double? When they built the quad, they cut a new lift line which paralleled the old one but didn't go up as high on the mountain. They must have lost whatever grandfathered status the original double might have had and would have to...
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    2021-22 Season Passes

    If the distinction between a "resort" and a "ski area" is important to you, the Indy Pass is probably not the product for you.
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    ID this mountain

    Looks like Stratton. See the bottom picture here: New England Ski History link
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    Who Has Bought Their 20/21 Pass Already?

    Magic is also offering a flexible policy: "Although season passes, as always, remain non-refundable, Magic will provide full credit for a new 21/22 season pass if the government closes ski areas for the season before our 20/21 opening day due to COVID-19. Some partial credit toward a future...